Utilizing Visio in a Strategic way for Organization Chart

With the growth of the organization, the organizational charts tend to form a critical perspective of the business, and it becomes complicated to keep everything on track. There is the involvement of HR, COOs, and other officials to chalk out various hierarchies, reporting structures, designations, and other essential business aspects of an organization.

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This simply suggests getting all the data under one place like names, roles, emails, titles, addresses, contact numbers, etc. So, it is high time to find out specific layouts and prepare a professional diagram to cope up with the industrial needs and compliance standards. You need to keep yourself updated with the org chart that depicts the ever-growing business. But it will be of immense help if you scale down the complexity to a lucid format so that it can be shared across your peers and link your data to find out the business insights.

Make Org Charts Connected to Excel

To make the org chart, the HR and operations team must collect data and place that in the Excel sheet. After that, they can create the org chart with the help of the collected data. But if you are using Visio, you can make the org chart in a jiffy. With the help of Visio Data Visualizer add, you can make superior quality org charts. You can easily be able to make all the textures like shapes and link to data through Excel tables. The add ons present on the Data Visualizer come with data-linked samples that provide a wide range of styles as well as themes.

Also, you will get an editable sample table in Excel, which gives you a head start. So, if you choose the org chat options, you will find several options like Employee ID, Insert Titles, roles, etc. Therefore, you do not create a new one and can easily remove the sample with your chosen data. The most crucial part is that you do not have to pay any Visio subscription for this.

Associate Visio Org Chart to Power BI

When you link your Visio org chart to Power BI, you can associate formulate all the data sets of sales, budgets, business performance KPI through data visualization. You must associate the Power BI revenue graphs to the org chart to compare the various performance across several sales teams and individual reps. The link that comes to the org chart helps in finding out the structural bottlenecks. You must associate your org chart to a global map in Power BI to find out the top-performing managers. Upon incorporating Power BI intelligence capabilities to the Visio org charts, you can easily be able to spot and find all the issues, know the causes, increase the business insight, and adhere to standard protocols.

Create a Chart from the Existing Source of Data

Apart from the Excel spreadsheet, Visio also helps you import the data sources directly into the Visio using a handy wizard. Within some time, you need to finish the org chart with the help of icons, shapes, metadata, notations, units, teams, etc. Reporting structures are put together inside a map that you can read and understand quickly. If you want to build a chart using the template or textures, the Organization Chart Wizard will automatically initiate the process. You need to choose the information that is available on the file or database. After that, you must go through the directions, as mentioned. The org chart facilitates the selection from the data sources like the Text file, Microsoft Exchange Server Directory, ODBC compliant data source, etc. Then you must associate your org chart to various records. Now, you have the option to associate other files like the process diagrams. Also, you can use different analytic tools like Power BI to produce powerful dashboards to get valuable insights.

Essential Components of Visio

There are various components of Visio:

  • Stencils It gives you a big collection of various shapes; With this, you can find the stencils available on the left-hand corner of the drawing page.
  • Quick Access Toolbar With this, you can add commands using which you can access all the files.
  • Ribbon This is a panel that comprises buttons as well as drop-down lists created by the tabs. These tabs can hamper various functionalities of Visio. It is used to find commands using which you can finish a task. It covers designing pages and linking data using multiple textures.

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