Business Continuity

Get hybrid cloud technology to protect crucial business data and also keep a secure, reliable backup with our business continuity program designed to reduce modern-day data vulnerabilities.

Seamless Business Operations

Tackle downtimes and keep functioning.


SharePoint Online

Develop online and offline capabilities with SharePoint Online to ensure secured collaboration and document management for small businesses and enterprises.

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OneDrive for Business

Ensure data security by keeping it on Cloud with OneDrive that allows advanced security, encryption, and compliance fulfilment while enabling teams to collaborate impeccably.

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Microsoft Azure

Migrate your offline, on-premise data securely to Azure server with our assistance to benefit from lower downtime, faster migration, and data security.

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O365 Backup

Never let the loss of data ruin your business. Empower your team with our expertise in providing a secure Office 365 backup services for data storage.

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VM Backup

Eliminate software and hardware dependencies with our backup services for Virtual Machines that negates using complex configurations by offering effective restorations.

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Skykick Backup

Stay unaffected by accidental deletion and other controls in O365 using SkyKick backup that offers a robust migration to boost sales and delivering value.

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Veritas Backup

Regardless of your business environments, Veritas Backup by CSE offers easy moving to public cloud services with a holistic backup and recovery protection plans.

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Why Choose Business Continuity?

Keeping your business up and running is crucial in today’s time when the competition is high and you cannot afford downtime. IT experts like CSE help to put a business continuity plan in action that is necessary to resume operations quickly in the event of system failures or data loss. Having such a plan blends with experienced personnel to execute it that helps mitigating IT risks and better the recovery coordination with reduced reaction time.

  • Customer Protection: Ensure your customers’ data is secure with a contingency plan in place or else it can prove fatal for the business.
  • Malware Recovery: It helps to have a plan that enables assessing backup solutions to fight back against malware apps.
  • Communication: Direct the employees towards performance in a crisis by having a safety communication plan.
  • Flexibility:Adapt to future changes promptly with a business continuity plan that guarantees flexibility.
  • Loss Management: Prevent further loss from getting into debt early on due to any unforeseen contingencies.

How do you benefit?

Bank on the Microsoft-partnered services.

We ensure the following;

24/7 Tech Support
Microsoft Support
Business Process Transformation
Multiple Plans

Success Stories

Our cloud solutions help the global enterprise achieve business goals.

Neil Hoosier & Associates

We work to identify the clients IT problem and offer the best solution. Time and again,we face a situation that demands agility and the right set of talent that can solve technology issues.

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Not all projects are about innovation. Some are those that add a feather in our cap no matter what we deliver and how. It was typically a government project that involved a lot of roadblocks right.

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Central Florida HIDTA

Being an expert IT solutions partner in the US and worldwide, we are committed to delivering results that drive business growth. Our team recently worked with Neil Hoosier & Associates to resolve.

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