We thrive on our unmatched core competencies to stay on top

Computer Solutions East thrives on the core competencies that extend in evolving with the top-notch technologies. We boast an experience that spreads over a decade and serving clients from all over the world while always evolving with time. Technical expertise is our backbone coupled with the fast adaptability and ability to help customers to run their businesses like never before.

We deliver our competencies in broadly two spectra, viz; IT services and IT solutions. Being a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we enable clients to leverage top-notch Microsoft services ranging from Dynamics 365, Microsoft Office, Azure, SharePoint Solutions, Power BI services to even Microsoft Cloud Services. All our services are tailored to perfection to match our client’s business requirements that help them unlock the true potential of business through the right use of technology. Supporting these services, we also provide managed IT services, cloud phone systems, staff augmentation, and cloud security services.

On the solutions front, we follow industry-standard for delivering world-class IT solutions. Our solutions include the ones partnered with Microsoft like Dynamics 365, Modern Desktop Solutions by Microsoft, Security and Compliance Solutions like Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Cloud Security App, etc. We thrive on gifting a distinctive service experience to our clients and redefine the way they perform their day-to-day business activities.

Application Integration

With a modern application development lifecycle approach, we are accredited DevOps partners and experts who help businesses drive innovation in the cloud. The team thrives on this chance to handle the process, people, and technologies behind high applications. It delivers world-class applications to the consumer more efficiently by presenting the customers with a unique value.
With our DevOps experience, organizations are redefining, designing, running, and continually delivering fantastic apps on-site and in the cloud. Our customers benefit from the Microsoft development platform through our secure DevOps and application lifecycle management functions.


Cloud Platform

Our Cloud platform achievement reflects the growing, most reliable quality, and contribution to the new Microsoft technologies. It is a testament to our experience in creating full-stack cloud applications for companies through our expertise and helping customers drive creative solutions.
The competency of the Cloud Platform allows us to meet the increasing demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solution focused on Microsoft Azure. CSE will enable companies to differentiate themselves from the Cloud Platform expertise by giving them signature cloud support.


Cloud Productivity

We have personalized Office 365, while our customers use the best cloud efficient approach with today’s most broad collection of business productivity deals on the market. Our team helps businesses to harness the power of software with more than 100 million Commercial users each month.

Office 365 technology encompasses all areas of productivity, including authoring, e-mail, networking, web and content management, talks, meetings and voice, and analytics. CSE blends the Cloud Software Skills, which demonstrate our technological expertise in delivering Office 365 solutions in multiple or single areas of productivity practice.


Collaboration and Content

SharePoint empowers individuals and teams to intelligently discover, share, and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device, on-premises or in-the-cloud with Office 365 integration. With more than 200,000 organizations using SharePoint today and over 1 million developers that make up a $10 billon dollar solutions ecosystem, partners have multiple ways to build practice areas around SharePoint with its extensible design model.


Windows and Devices

CSE is known as a full-stack partner with technical experience, effective project delivery, and customer support by Microsoft. We will help you execute a good project for any of the Microsoft products with our extensive expertise, skills, and experience.

We share the view of Microsoft that Windows 10 will be allowed on 1 billion devices. Our team takes advantage of the ability to cover programs, software, and apps. That expertise offers businesses the tools, content, and services to help develop and expand a successful Windows 10 practice that lets systems run smoothly.


Internal Self-Learning Trainings

Our team at Computer Solutions East is trained thoroughly, and that has earned them Microsoft Certification as well. Our internal self-learning training has to kickstart many careers and made a few reach its pinnacle. With certification, our team gains increased visibility, get an edge over others, and routinely validate knowledge and skills.

We have Microsoft Certified Trainers that turn our team into a confident bunch of professionals enabling them with accurate, complete, and up to date knowledge. Pir self-learning paths guide professionals through the training and help prepare them to be better developers, administrators, and solutions architects.


Polycom – Microsoft Video Endpoint

Poly Real Connect is a video interoperability solution designed to connect standards-based video endpoints and Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business users seamlessly. We have the competencies in Polycom as used as Microsoft Video Endpoint that is most beneficial to team and customers that are keen to develop and differentiate your Unified Endpoint Management offering.

Our partnership with Poly – a global communications company, ensures that a step ahead in the future empowers authentic human collaboration. And with them, we offer new ways to bring top-notch communication connections into the audio and video experiences every day.


Cloud Customer Relationship Management

We at Computer Solutions East have a critical Cloud CRM competency that makes us one of Dynamics CRM OL’s top industry suppliers, communications, social interaction, and Parature. If we claim we have this expertise, it means we allow access to unrestricted signature cloud support, guaranteed account management, internal use privileges, creation and test environments, channel opportunities, and prioritized Microsoft Referrals placement.

Our team has a proven history of outstanding ability to improve many company processes and infrastructure. These distinct skills mean assured and unrestricted access to a wide variety of software and value-added apps and services.



We boast Datacenter competency as this recognizes us as the ones transforming data centers into more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. We have a proven history of deepening customer relationships and providing Private Cloud, Management, and Virtualization Deployment Planning Services.

Over time, we have unlocked our full potential by differentiating CSE with Datacenter competency and enabled access to internal-use software licenses, technical and presales support, training for IT professionals, incentives, and access to the Microsoft Partner server and cloud site with exclusive content and resources to help you win new deals to deliver projects successfully.


Enterprise Mobility Management

We stand out as an expert in robust, secure mobility management solutions for large businesses. For more than a decade of service and partnership with Microsoft, we differentiate our business and gain access to internal-use software licenses, unlimited Signature Cloud Support, priority Microsoft Referrals placement, and more. 

We also enable our client businesses to leverage enhanced partner experience and help them manage their entire relationship with Microsoft—from membership to referrals to providing Cloud Solutions under a single umbrella. A dedicated team of certified experts demonstrates expertise in robust, secure mobility management solutions. 



CSE’s communications ability is a testament to our competitive advantage, shortened delivery times, and increasing company by demonstrating skills as a professional Microsoft Exchange provider. We distinguish ourselves with expertise as a company that helps technical professionals by providing unique learning paths and helping automate design, implementation, and delivery of solutions.

CSE has proven experience in using the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Exchange Online to create business collaboration. As a long-term, highly reliable Microsoft partner, we always apply the necessary knowledge and skills to help customers solve IT network management issues.


Symantec Self Learning

We show the highest levels of technical competence, profitability, and market acceptance with our Symantec Self Learning skills. Symantec self-learning programs confirm our employees’ expertise and technological competence, as they already have close experience as Symantec professionals to successfully enforce, manage, and sustain data security in our companies.
This preparation enables the use of Symantec applications for high availability and security environments. Our practitioners have been able to meet current standards through the qualification of Symantec Certified Specialist (SCS) and Symantec Certified Professional (SCP) over and over again.


MS Teams

CSE has been successful so far in providing expertise in delivering quality solutions in one or more specialized areas of business. Microsoft’s latest offerings – MS Teams- are also the latest competencies in our offerings that are designed to prepare companies to meet their communication needs and help drive efficiency with seamless communication and collaboration.

As a part of the advanced specializations, we stand as an experienced Microsoft Partners with extensive knowledge in the phone system and PBX designing.



As a part of our core competency, we have also added legacy device offerings by Microsoft as our key delivery highlights. Our experts are empowering organizations crucial Micoroft hardware like Surface Hub, Surface Hub 2S, Surface Pro, and others. We take our partnership with full legitimacy as for our other services to help your business grow your profitable Windows 10 practice.

We have helped businesses move from traditional desktop systems to modern desktop solutions that help unlock your activities the desired productivity. It demonstrates technical expertise and credibility as a part of our Microsoft gold competency offerings.


Best practices for securely using Microsoft 365

Using Microsoft 365 Security Baseline

Microsoft 365 Security Baseline is a secure service offered by the company, which is mostly home to management and security monitoring. This can be carried out across multiple identifications, devices, data, applications, and infrastructure.

Using Microsoft Security Center, you would be able to get a comprehensive overview of the security health of your company, device configuration, overall app usage, and even alerts concerning suspicious activities. This security center is specially designed for Security Administrators and even operations teams so that they can manage and protect their organizations in a remarkably better way.

CSE essentially provides an end to end service when it comes to Microsoft Security Baseline, and some of the reasons as to why this application is supremely used and recommended by the company are as follows,

  • DLP – Data Loss Prevention is a facility that is offered through Microsoft 365 Security Baseline. It enables any forwards made to the email directly into an external address containing delicate information.
  • Account Protection –Security Baseline protects your account, restricting administrative controls, thereby limiting passwords that can expose vulnerabilities.
  • Alert and Visibility –The application also provides users with updated alerts and visibility concerning any impending threats and protects them against illegal attacks.
  • Content Filtration – Security Baseline blocks any malicious links and attachments coming from emails through secure and advanced protection techniques. It essentially filters any of the hostile content out of the system and accordingly secures the system.

Microsoft Security Baseline Service Offered by CSE

There are some of the critical services that are offered by CSE to its esteemed clients when it comes to Microsoft Security Baseline. Let us take a look at some of them that have been reviewed positively and are being currently offered,

  • Office ATP – Microsoft Office Advanced Threat Protection is an email filtration service on the cloud that permanently protects your company against any phishing or malware attacks, and thereby providing zero-day protection. It also offers effective safeguarding from any hostile links in real-time. CSE’s expert level team offers these services to all sides.
  • AIP Based Policies – Azure Information Protection is a cloud solution helping companies for effectively classifying and protecting the documents by applying labels. This label will then be used as a marker for securing them. CSE provides Baseline on Azure with a good set of AIP Policies.
  • Bit-Locker – It is an encryption feature that comes bundled up with Microsoft Windows versions, and protects data by giving encryption keys to hordes and hordes of information. CSE’s team of engineers provides unparalleled services through their AED-enabled bit locker.
  • Intune MDM Enrolment – Mobile Device Management installs profiles on your device that is primarily responsible for the settings and configuration maintenance. CSE provides companies with a dedicated mobile team to register these users through valid MDM certification.
  • Baseline Compliance Policy – CSE’s team of experts provides the clients with expert team aids in creation and implementation policies for several devices.
  • 2FA Authentication –Two-factor authentication is a secure means to log into any device, service, or application that can otherwise be maliciously or illegally hacked into. It’s a means to secure the service additionally and protect it from any harm. CSE extends these services to other companies that employ Microsoft 365 Security Baseline.

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Technology Certification

We work with world-class technology companies to create creative approaches to the toughest customer challenges. We demonstrate our dedication to maintain deep knowledge in leading technologies important to the markets and clients we represent through our annual technology certification tests. As ever, we thank our customers, who were the driving force behind our success and development. Our happy and satisfied customers are instrumental in every global and national accolade we’ve won as a company. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we emphasize on our Microsoft technology products and training.

In addition to our company-level Microsoft certifications, our experts possess professional Microsoft certifications, including many in. Azure, Office 365, Network Security and server technologies. Microsoft certification, accepted by business professionals worldwide, is amongst the most successful ways to ensure top quality outsourced technology services experience and knowledge.