Microsoft Office 365

Why Choose Office 365?


You can build a trial account and see how convenient it is to be "in the cloud" with benefits usually found in bigger companies alone.


Fast Setup

Our work can quickly set up and use the functionality of the app, enabling you to concentrate on your business rather than on the technical jargon.

Secure and safe With Office 365

You can use the same tools used by Microsoft and other multinational companies to help protect data, documents and networks.


Perilous Access

With web-enabled access to data, essential documents, contacts, and calendar on almost any computer, Office 365 free you to work wherever and whenever you want.

Office 365 Process

Proven Methods and Steps in a Single Kit.

We are to help you on the way when you decide to start your cloud journey. Our Office 365 consultants will enable you to make your cloud system an integral part of your digital business climate. Our office 365 experts will help you choose Office 365 subscription plan aligned with your budget, IT policy and collaboration level. The next step is the Office 365 implementation. Again we follow this up by adapting Office 365 to the unique organizational climate, business needs and desires of our staff, to customize the Office 365 solution. We manage complete personalized apps, including complex workflows, web models, and collaborative chatbots. We create individual customizations. Our team is now helping you to prepare and execute the seamless transition to office 365, cloud or hybrid systems on-site and to maintain the integrity of your company data. The next step is Office 365 migration. We then add the business strategies and software to the Office 365 suite to guarantee open and continuous cross-departmental and business cooperation. In this stage, we incorporate Office 365 into the application and personalized premises and/or cloud surroundings and make it easier for the user to migrate between various systems to ensure compatibility and single-signup directory.


Our Offerings for Office 365


Mobile Configuration

We help you get started with the Office 365 for mobile devices by configuring the user devices in case of BYOD.


Unmatched Customer Experience

Our years of services in the IT industry have gifted us clients who come back for more speaking highly of how we create a rapport.



CSE enables you with the power of O365 customization at each step to help your systems evolve with your business.


Plan Options

Get your business a simple-to-configure Office 365 Plan that works as an influential tool for seamless collaboration for multiple teams.


Skilled and experienced team

Empowering your business to render services of top-notch Office 265 and certified Cloud engineers


Troubleshooting and Repair

Constant supervisions and prompt responses for faster turnaround during breakdowns.



Experience Office 365 team at CSE help get started using the right POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings.

Why choose CSE for Office 365?

We provide detailed advice on the Office 365 suite’s capabilities and give priority to a variety of activities. Our Microsoft-certified experts ensure a smooth cloud transition. Implementing the right set of software for Office 365. We help to align the customizing requirements with Microsoft constraints and to ensure that your cloud solution is safely protected. Therefore, we extend our consulting services by offering customer acceptance and assistance 24/7 irrespective of the venue. We provide flexible support to keep you updated on the web, introduce the new Office 365, extend your personalized solution, and escape turbulence.

  • The Most Popular Partner for Microsoft consulting.
  • Microsoft cloud partner since the year 2006.
  • Offering top-notch expertise and customer service for an array of Microsoft Gold services.
  • A trusted name in the business fraternity for office 365 consultancy for over a decade.

Success Stories

Our cloud solutions help the global enterprise achieve business goals.

Neil Hoosier & Associates

We work to identify the clients IT problem and offer the best solution. Time and again,we face a situation that demands agility and the right set of talent that can solve technology issues.

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Not all projects are about innovation. Some are those that add a feather in our cap no matter what we deliver and how. It was typically a government project that involved a lot of roadblocks right.

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Central Florida HIDTA

Being an expert IT solutions partner in the US and worldwide, we are committed to delivering results that drive business growth. Our team recently worked with Neil Hoosier & Associates to resolve.

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