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Real Estate

CSE enables your best of the software solutions and IT services to streamline the residential, commercial, valuation, and other related services of the real estate industry.

Broader Services for all Businesses

Cost-efficient IT services that work best for your industry.


Real Estate

CSE enables your best of the software solutions and IT services to streamline the residential, commercial, valuation, and other related services of the real estate industry.

Functional Efficiencies

IT platform for integration of end-to-end business functions across the value chain by enabling portal development with advanced views of sold properties.


Workflow Management

We offer Real Estate business with workflow and information flow management systems coupled with enterprise applications for document management, risk monitoring, and inventory management.

Standard Solutions

Our top of class industry-standard solutions keeps the bad guys at bay while keeping your real estate agency running smoothly.

Stay Agile

Real Estate business needs a network administrator to not let any crucial deal go on a toss. CSE helps you prevent technology problems before they come up.


Our IT solutions are affordable, efficient solutions and IT support meet your technology needs that drive productivity.


Data Security

Our certified IT team ensures taking security measures for loss prevention as we take data protection to the next level by implementing sophisticated encryption

Why Choose IT Solutions for Real Estate Services?

The immobilizing industry is rapid and evolving all the time. Not only are you in need of a high-quality IT system but you do need an IT partner that recognizes and addresses your specific challenges every day and provides you with more opportunities to show properties. CSE gives you a whole squad of IT experts with 12 + years in the industry! We will provide constructive support and IT services to help you reduce costs, boost your efficiency and become a strong leader in the immobilization market. You will acquire the tools that you need for improving ties with customers and create a reputation with our customized IT solutions for land. The Building Tour software lets immobilizers display the property on tablets and stream the image to TV panels right through the device.

  • The Digital Transform:Protect critical data from your hospital and meet regulatory compliance requirements with robust operating procedures, safety, and controls.
  • Monitoring of IT Performance:We will help you stay ahead of performance issues that impact service delivery and infrastructure to help you address IT issues proactively.
  • ID & Access Management : Enable efficient patient data management with our reliable and secure backup system that helps preserve patient records virtually in case of any emergency.
  • Secure Healthcare Recovery Cloud:Patient care generates an enormous amount of data that must be available 24/7/365 to ensure better clinical outcomes.
  • IT Advisory Services:We can assist you with a range of consulting and technical consulting services to help you deliver exceptional IT solutions.

What do you get?

Delivering better Healthcare with Patient Empowerment

We redefine healthcare for you to provide;

Best Patient Care
Empowered Collaborations
Secured Patient Database
Custom IT Tools

Success Stories

Our cloud solutions help the global enterprise achieve business goals.

Neil Hoosier & Associates

We work to identify the clients IT problem and offer the best solution. Time and again,we face a situation that demands agility and the right set of talent that can solve technology issues.

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Not all projects are about innovation. Some are those that add a feather in our cap no matter what we deliver and how. It was typically a government project that involved a lot of roadblocks right.

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Central Florida HIDTA

Being an expert IT solutions partner in the US and worldwide, we are committed to delivering results that drive business growth. Our team recently worked with Neil Hoosier & Associates to resolve.

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