Microsoft Teams is On Fire

The pandemic situation has forced us to stay indoors and explore the world through our screens. It has changed the healthy lifestyle of every individual in unimaginable ways. Adapting to the new normal has been tough, but with almost more than a month in lockdown, times have changed. The network usage has hit an all-time high, and companies are struggling to maintain their network traffic. The remote work and online classes are the new normal for every employee and student. The virtual environment has changed the working patterns of every industry.

The business world is trying to keep up with its competitors by launching new collaboration platforms required at the moment. With social distancing and self-isolation in effect, people want a platform to blend in with the others. Many companies have started putting all their efforts into building the best collaboration platform available. As within a month, millions of viewers are using this platform to continue their business, and the rise is at staggering rates. Microsoft Teams has emerged as the centerpiece of many employees’ work-tool in just a month. The Teams daily active users jumped from 44 Million in March to 75 million by the end of May, Satya Nadella said. And the surge is still on the rise considering the current situation.

Microsoft has been leading in the race beating many other platforms like Webex Teams, Zoom, Slack, Skype, GoToMeeting, Jabber, and much more. The high-profile competitors are Slack and Google, which is juggling for the top spots as Microsoft. More than 500,000+ organizations are adopting it, and 91 of the 100 Fortune companies now use it for their business. The team features have made it one of the biggest success stories in the world. Let us discuss the features and benefits that Microsoft Teams provide.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is a unified platform that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file sharing, business discussions, and other integrations. It offers modern solutions for today’s extended work environment and is the central hub for workplace collaboration and communication. It is a cloud-based platform that enables access from devices (mobile phones, PC, Mac, or Windows). The main advantages of using Microsoft Teams are:

  • Company-wide Chat
  • Full integration of Office 365
  • Customized workspace
  • Real-time communication
  • Increased productivity and collaboration
  • Secure channels

The various Microsoft Teams services offered are:

Collaborative Workspaces:

The Microsoft Teams Chat services let you have threaded conversations with other colleagues, and since it gets recorded, you can find all the chats in one place. Private messaging is also allowed during a team discussion. The users can create different channels to organize their conversations by topic, and no separate email digging is needed to find these communications. You can also integrate audio and video chats, mention individuals to bring important messages, add new members, and get them to speed with the meetings, etc. The company-wide chat is possible by just one service of the Microsoft Teams.

Meeting and Team calls:

The Microsoft Teams Video Call services let you have seamless and fast video calls to employees within the company or clients outside your business. Screen sharing is the latest feature added, enabling the admin to allow screen sharing of the required device. It has increased the maximum number of participants from nine to 49 members to allow more extensive connectivity. It helps conduct scheduled meetings, Live Closed captioning, instant meetings, video streaming, and meeting recordings. It reduces time in online sessions by spending less time on audio checks and employee counts.

Live Chat function:

The Microsoft Teams Live Chat service lets you talk with your website viewers and offer customer services without needing another messaging or video calling tool. The setup of this live chat can be done within a minute and also provides you with a personalized chat window that can be added to the website. The sudden blink or pop-up that comes up when you click the site is this Live Chat service. It enables visitors to ask about various products or services provided by the company and get an immediate response. The new chat notification is sent by the feature and makes sure you do not miss the opportunity to increase business productivity.

Audio conferencing and online meetings:

The audio conferencing feature will not be found on other platforms, making it unique to Teams, enabling anyone to join the online meeting via phone. The dial-in feature offers individuals with no internet connection to attend live meetings through a mobile phone. The Online Meeting feature can host up to 10,000 users with enhanced communications. Anyone can be included in the session irrespective of inside or outside your business. It contains scheduling aid, file uploading, in-meeting chat facilities, and a note-taking app. This improves the company’s growth with enhanced communication features.

All the features might be confusing to beginners for practical use, so Microsoft Teams Tutorial is available on the home screen to watch and learn the software. It gives the necessary details and explains the functioning of every feature brilliantly.

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