Power BI for Business Data Security: Key Strategies to implement by Enterprises

Excel is connected to whatever business analytics platform you’re using. If you’re creating a new BI product, the first thing you can add is Excel export. People want the software they use to allow them to work using data security solutions. 

But what happens to any rights management that has been extended to confidential business details when you submit a report to Excel to dig into numbers? With too many people operating from home, role-based access permissions, line protection, and object-level security might not be enough to secure data. 

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Blocking exports of sensitive information to PDF is inconvenient for workers who need to deal with the details. Data security solutions with Power BI can use Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity labels to shield information on Power BI Desktop, Power BI, and when Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF reports are exported. You will use the same Power BI data management, enforcement, and auditing software for Office (and third-party applications built-in MIP). You will name and identify the PBIX files in which Power BI Desktop operates and label the Power BI system data sets and reports. 

If you bind to a Power BI data set directly from Excel, the label will appear in the dataset array, and if you use it to construct a pivot table, the labels will appear as well. On any framework that requires apps to disable screenshots, MIP prevents users from taking screenshots to protected info. If they take out their cell or recreate the data by hand, it’s a management issue: you can’t deter workers from doing something like that, so they can’t pretend they weren’t aware enterprise using cloud data security solutions. 

If susceptible data isn’t the only concern with remote work, Power BI is leveraging Azure AD and data security solutions coupled with data security solutions that allow administrators to establish conditional access rules that ensure that the computers on which workers load data are up to date and completely controlled, restricting downloads on unmanaged personal devices and alerting administrators to suspicious access attempts. This involves detecting attackers attempting to log in from a location they haven’t been since the last valid login. 

Share and share aright. 

You don’t want data protection to prevent people from sharing relevant patterns and similarities with coworkers who are not granted access to the underlying data – who may not even need it to grasp the top-level measures. Executives and administrators cannot verify that the workers to whom they submit a Power BI file have the appropriate data permissions as a part of the best data security solutions. They do, though, want them to interpret the visualizations and have confidence that Power BI would not allow them to see any research-backed that they shouldn’t. 

Since Power BI enforces access policies (for data throughout the service and down to the data tier level indirect query phase), someone who doesn’t have access to the data table on which a graph is constructed won’t see it in a report. If they only have access to those rows, they’ll only see those in the visualization. 

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That’s what you want nine times out of ten. If there is a sales manager – say, a VP of sales for the United States – and he will send this report to one of my bosses who is the director of sales for California, this is a typical scenario. They’d have access to the whole paper, and they’d be able to view all of the details – but just for California, so they might not have the same type of permissions as the boss. They have access to all columns but only a subset of the rows that are visible to them. 

Send the same report to Texas or Florida sales managers, and they will see data for their area. All this is done without showing the author of the study a long dialogue, who can see what. In fact, we don’t proactively prompt them in the process since it is a very complicated measurement for textual communication. 

But if you want all to see the patterns or high-level statistics you want to pay attention to, Power BI will quickly have an opportunity to share them with you without sharing data thresholds you don’t want to share (or use a screenshot). The data security solutions will allow such employees to use unconditional protections for the measures or measures being analyzed. It may sound basic, but it is actually a complicated equation that can influence performance and requires some setup for SQL server reporting services. 

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