New AI Tools Help Writers Be More Clear and Concise – Microsoft has unveiled a new AI-powered writing assistant feature

Writers with the mainstream writing flow in words are becoming quite stressed out while dealing with excellent articles. No wonder with the onset of a new trait in Editor in Word now involves superior quality AI provide suggestions to improve the writing skills rather than working on the spellings and grammar.


As per the initial report, this new feature is almost 15 % more effective than the traditional one in identifying mistakes made by people who are suffering from dyslexia. This is because the learning algorithms provide big and varied datasets covering all the documents of the real world faced by people who have dyslexia. This is more viable than the restricted set of linguistic patterns.

For the past couple of years, Microsoft is progressively inducing AI into Office 365 to cater to an extensive range of products. Now, they are assisting the Microsoft Office 365 users to deliver more productive presentations and help people to discover new ways to write effectively. They are indulged in building Microsoft enabled AI-powered tools across the world to engage more consumers.

More Outreach of AI-Powered Tools

With the growing number of features in various platforms and to keep with this acceleration, Microsoft Editor provides writers the option to use AI-powered tools to make more reformed documents, craft mails, post news, or articles on various social media sites such as Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. These new tools are available nowadays with the editors in Outlook or Word, which helps the users to identify the mistakes and write more properly using the guidelines. So, Editor spellings and necessary grammar checks will now be made available for the Microsoft 365 subscribers. Also, they will get Microsoft 365 Personal and Family Productivity subscriptions.

Extensive Scope and Chance to Induce Production

With the widespread venture of Microsoft with AI-enabled technology into several products, many executives think that AI must be used in a pragmatic manner intended to fulfill the requirement of real customers. Like Editor is Word powered by AI can help all the budding authors and young enthusiasts. Use of articles like “a,” “an,” “the,” or prepositions are not always discernible using the mainstream language checkers mostly for the busy executives. They receive hundreds of emails per hour and do not have enough time to reply. To revoke such issues, Microsoft researchers have come up with a whole new list of words that has a higher probability of making offense. Word will not showcase any guidelines using those phrases. Editor’s inclusive language comes with various suggestions that might preserve various taboos that revolve around age, gender, religion, etc. It also involves obsolete and crucial geopolitical references.

Involve People with the AI Design

The teams which use AI in the various productivity tools are the essential facts to keep people at the forefront of the workflow. Efforts are made to make people understand the deliverables provided are worthwhile. Microsoft has come up with a plethora of research that product designers used to adopt for steady productivity. But a significant portion of work wants to involve people with various levels of physical abilities, geographical boundaries, backgrounds, etc.

If you converse with people who have learning problems, there tends to be an apprehension to start. This feature helps many people with dictations provided in the Word for the web. It makes seamless creation of content using one’s voice and speech. This helps jot down your imaginations on paper. Creating a good user experience is an arduous task than seeking feedback on the type of control they are using, or the interface is easy to navigate.Microsoft-365-Security-Baseline-One-Drive-Redirection-.jpg

AI brings a unique user experience in collaboration with Microsoft 365. At this juncture, it is essential to consider everyone’s opinion, likes, and things that they are comfortable with. Since designing should be done to fit everyone. Therefore, the technology should address a more significant part of the population so that they get what they desire. AI comes with much more information upfront and in more with a collaborative nature. Microsoft 365 office assistant, how many emails poured on your inbox in the past one hour about scheduling a meeting. Play My Emails also keeps you updated with how many emails are there on your mailbox, which is unread. This also fosters critical psychology in the mind of the people that when they need to move out of the house to concentrate on the task. 

At CSE, you will get all sorts of solutions about IT with the fullest potential. Since many businesses find it challenging to cope with the growing demand for technology, CSE, in collaboration with Microsoft 365 powered by AI-enabled platforms for writers, makes things seamless. Call us to know more.

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