Best 5 Ways You Can Benefit from OneDrive And SharePoint While Working Remotely

To work from a remote location, you need access to all the confidential files both in offline and online mode. This enunciates the necessities to work collectively within and outside the company. All this is useful owing to the introduction of OneDrive. Since now, the majority of the professionals, teachers, students are working from home, OneDrive, and SharePoint appear to be the most obvious choice.

Share Files Securely Without any Extra Effort Through OneDrive

Productive work is necessary, which paves the way for seamless business even when working collaboratively. You need to engage with third-party vendors or other workers. But for that, you need to have the right tool, and OneDrive can make all the difference. With OneDrive, you can apply the restrictions of the shared content and negate edits or downloads. Also, if you require higher checkpoints, you can impose custom passwords as well. This is quite viable with SharePoint as well as Office apps.

Getting Access to all your Files via OneDrive

Since remote work involves accessing all the files and content across the web through mobile and desktop, it is necessary to store all the data in the cloud. OneDrive is equipped with 365, which helps in keeping all the files-backed up and encrypted under one platform. You can use all the advantages to extend your Folders, Pictures, Documents, giving the total power to the OneDrive and Microsoft 365 for the end-user.


Were you looking for your gadget for the usage of office work? You can work at ease in the known environment of Windows File Explorer and Mac without consuming any space on PC or Mac. Moreover, OneDrive can store all the significant changes which you made instead of the entire file. This is because of the differential sync feature enabled here.

Moreover, using the smart upload OneDrive helps you to upload the data through the usage of unused bandwidth without hampering the work of other applications. Also, if you re using a scanner along with the OneDrive app on your smartphone, you can use it to scan the digitalized copy and share the documents with your colleagues as well.

Microsoft Team Integration Through SharePoint

Since Microsoft appears to be an indispensable part of all the residential businesses, it has crossed more than 40 million users presently. The most crucial part is that the Team and SharePoint work collaboratively. So, when you start a new Team in Microsoft Teams, an automatic SharePoint Modern Team Site appears where you can upload all your files and store. OneDrive mobile app comes with a unique feature to gather photos as well as metadata while traveling. Moreover, you will get an automatic picture upload in the OneDrive mobile app. It helps you to capture and organize those, and the OCR is there to facilitate searching for the desired images.

Synchronization of Files Via SharePoint and OneDrive

Through Sharepoint and OneDrive, you have the option o synchronize all the files between the computer and SharePoint/OneDrive. It helps you to integrate all your local data on the computer and store them in the cloud. The process of synchronization takes place takes place efficiently, and so, working with the large files in the cloud won’t be a problematic task.

It involves easy integration of various Office apps such as Word, Excel, which helps multiple functionalities like mention and comments that collaborates the dispersed team inside the document and enhances the conversation on one particular topic. Now with OneDrive, you can also request various files and collect relevant information from colleagues or vendors. Moreover, if you are a mentor, you can also get all the assignments completed by your student on this platform securely.

Providing News through SharePoint and Keep your Files Secured

Since the entire network is dispersed as everyone is operating from home, it is imperative to share the information with the colleagues. Now with the SharePoint’s new feature, you can easily be able to author and pass on the data-rich content.

Using Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you have the option to manage endpoints and apps and take the required step to make sure they are secured. The data of your organization is essential, and together with OneDrive, Microsoft helps to manage data even remotely.

CSE takes the time to find the exactness of the solution so that it includes everything that can fit your business. Being the official partner of Microsoft, you can get the SharePoint migration at ease. You can market all sorts of SharePoint managed services here. Now the work from home facility gets more comfortable if you collaborate effectively with CSE. You will get all the services at your convenience.

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