What’s Up With My Atp? -advanced Threat Protection

By: Indira Ghosh, Marketing Associate

Enhancing Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection>

First, here are some facts about security vulnerabilities:

  • More is being launched than ever before, with approximately 230,000 new malware samples per day.
  • 92% of malware is delivered by email.
  • 56% of IT decision-makers say targeted phishing attacks are their top security threat.
  • The average ransomware attack costs a small business anywhere from 40 thousand to 1 million dollars.
  • It takes organizations an average of 191 days to identify data breaches.

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online gives you basic protection, is that enough?

This is what you get:

  • An email filtering service that helps protect your organization against spam and malware. This filters out thousands of unsolicited messages daily that might contain malware.
  • It is simple to set up and already has a powerful default out of the box. 
  • You can add additional rules to block emails that still pass through as well.

Now, what doesn’t it do?

  • It does not check emails for malware attachments at all.
  • It does not protect email content for website links that take you to Phishing sites.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is an affordable add-on that provides the following:

  • The email arrives at Microsoft, where it is scanned by Exchange Online Protection for SPAM.
  • Next ATP scans the email; it ensures attachments are safe by checking the attachments against its real-time updated database.
  • Additionally, if the system recognizes a suspicious link or content, the email is removed, or the rough contents of the link are described.
  • Naturally, the user and the company IT administrator receive a notification.
  • The intelligent solution provided by Microsoft can protect your data against sophisticated threats.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is about $2.00 per month which is $24.00 annually per user. ATP is a necessary layer in today’s security environment.

Give us a call at 914-355-5800 to find out more about ATP and other Microsoft security products.


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