Computer Solutions East Ranks No. 188 on the 2024 Inc. Regionals: Northeast List

Computer Solutions East, a leading technology solutions provider, has achieved a milestone by securing the 188th position on the prestigious 2024 Inc. Regionals: Northeast list. This recognition highlights the company’s remarkable growth trajectory and its significant impact on the business landscape.

A Local Award with National Recognition 

The Inc. Regionals list celebrates companies that have demonstrated exceptional growth within their home region. To qualify, businesses must have generated at least $1 million in revenue during the year 2022. Being featured on this list not only provides local acclaim but also garners national attention. 

Why Computer Solutions East Stands Out 

  • Innovative Achievements: Computer Solutions East’s commitment to innovation and sustainable growth has propelled it to this remarkable position. The company’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to excellence have set it apart in the competitive technology sector. 
  • Job Creation: As a growth leader, Computer Solutions East has contributed significantly to job creation in the region. Its expansion has led to new employment opportunities, benefiting both the local community and the broader economy. 
  • Industry Impact: Computer Solutions East’s impact extends beyond its immediate operations. By providing cutting-edge technology solutions, it has empowered businesses across various industries, enabling them to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Joining an Elite Community

Being part of the Inc. Regionals list connects Computer Solutions East with an exclusive community of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and industry experts. The opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic partnerships are unparalleled. 

The Inc. 5000 Difference 

The Inc. 5000, which includes the Inc. Regionals, stands out as a prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America. It commands respect and serves as a mark of achievement for businesses that consistently drive growth and innovation.

Looking Ahead 

Computer Solutions East remains committed to its mission of delivering exceptional technology solutions to clients while continuing its upward trajectory. As the company celebrates this achievement, it looks forward to further expanding its impact and contributing to the region’s economic prosperity. 

For complete list of results of the Inc. 5000 Regionals: Northeast, including company profiles, visit starting February 27, 2024. Explore the interactive database, sorted by industry, metro area, and other criteria to discover the Who’s Who of private companies energizing regional economies and shaping the future of their industries. 

“As an entrepreneur, I’m quick to move the finish line. This is one success that I can’t & won’t ignore. It’s validation for all the hustle!” – Tara Wilson, Computer Solutions East, Inc. 5000 Honoree 

Inc. 5000 Regionals: Northeast list is now live: 

Please stay tuned for further updates and insights from Computer Solutions East! 

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