Upgrade Your Office Suite: How to Update Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, the ever-evolving productivity powerhouse, keeps churning out updates packed with new features, security patches, and performance improvements.  

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Office 365 updates, including the latest features, security patches, and bug fixes, are essential for subscribers. These updates are necessary to ensure your Office apps run smoothly. If you need guidance on updating Office 365 on Windows 10 or 11, this Office update guide will provide you with all the information you need.  

How to Update Microsoft 365 Apps 

Unlike previous versions of Office, you won’t find individual security and other updates for Microsoft 365 Apps on Windows Update. Instead, Microsoft releases an updated version of Microsoft 365 Apps on the Office Content Delivery Network (CDN) online every time updates are released. This updated version includes all the new updates, as well as all updates from previous months. The update frequency depends on which update channel Microsoft 365 Apps is configured. 

To check the version of Microsoft 365 Apps installed on a computer, open any Office program and go to File > Account. The version number will be listed under the About section. For instance, it will be under the About Excel section in Excel. 

The update process for Microsoft 365 Apps 

When updating Microsoft 365 Apps, three steps occur automatically: 

  1. Detect that updates are available. 
  2. Download the updates 
  3. Apply the updates 

How to update Microsoft Office 365 

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a subscription-based online service that provides access to various Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneDrive. For optimal performance, it is recommended always to use the latest version of the app and to update it when new updates become available. 

Users have two options for installing Office 365 updates – they can either install updates manually or use automated software to update to the latest version. 

How to check for Office 365 updates 

Learn how to check for updates in Office 365 or Microsoft Office 2016. 

  • To start, open any Office application like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Then, click on the “File” option to access the menu. 
  • Under File, click on Account or Office Account. In the Product Information window, select Update Optionsand then click onOffice updates. 
  • Please select the “Update Now”option from the provided list to update. 
  • Microsoft Office checks for updates and downloads and installs them if available. 

How to Update Microsoft Office 365 

Option 1: Enable automatic updates for Microsoft Office 365 

If you’re looking to update Office 365 automatically, it’s good to know that automatic updates are already enabled by default. Go to File > Account in any Office app (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) to confirm this. Check if ‘Updates are automatically downloaded and installed’ is present under ‘Office Updates.’ If it’s not there, automatic updates are not enabled. To enable them, click ‘Update Options’ and then select ‘Enable Updates’. 

Option 2: Install Office 365 Updates Manually 

You can manually install the latest Office 365 Updates by following any of these methods: 

There are five ways to update Office 365 manually: 

  1. Install Office 365 updates using manual steps. 
  2. Enable updates for installation. 
  3. Check for updates and install Office 365 
  4. Automate Office 365 update installation 
  5. Office 365 Click-to-Run update settings

1. Install Office 365 updates using manual steps

To install Office 365 updates, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Office app for the Update. 
  2. To proceed, please open a new blank document. 
  3. Select File
  4. Click the Account option from the menu on the left. 
  5. Click Update Now from the Update Options dropdown menu to install Office updates. 

2. Enable updates for installation

This guide is intended for Office 365 users who cannot locate the “Update Now” option within the “Update Options” dropdown menu. If you’re experiencing this issue, you can learn how to install the latest Office 365 updates by following these steps to enable updates: 

  1. Open the Office app that you want to update. 
  2. To proceed, open a Blank document. 
  3. Select File
  4. Click the Account option, which is listed on the left. 
  5. Click the Update Options dropdown menu and select the Enable Updates option. 

After selecting “Enable Updates,” you will find the “Update Now” option in the “Update Options” dropdown menu. Once this option is available, you can proceed with the first method and install the latest updates for Office 365 by following the steps provided. 

3. Check for updates and install Office 365

To ensure that you have the most recent updates for O365, please follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Office app that you want to update. 
  2. To proceed, open a Blank document
  3. Select File
  4. Click the Account option, which is listed on the left. 
  5. You’ll find About (Office app name). This section gives you details on the current version that you’re using. 

If the version specified here matches the one on the Office support website, your Office 365 app is up to date. 

Regular updates are essential for maintaining the performance, security, and feature enhancements of Microsoft Office 365. Following these steps, you can effortlessly keep your Office suite up to date in 2023, ensuring a seamless user experience. 

Remember, updating Office 365 ensures you have access to the newest features and security enhancements, so checking for updates periodically or enabling automatic updates for convenience is advisable. 


Q. Why are Microsoft 365 updates crucial in 2023?

A. Microsoft 365 updates in 2023 are crucial for enhancing security, adding new features, improving performance, and ensuring compatibility with evolving technologies.

Q. Can I manually update Microsoft Office 365?

A. Yes, you can manually update Microsoft Office 365. For manual updates, you can access the settings and choose the corresponding option.

Q. What are the recommended best practices for updating Office 365?

A. Best practices include regularly checking for updates, backing up data before updates, and reviewing release notes to understand changes and potential impacts.

Q. What should I do if I encounter issues during the update process?

A. In case of issues, check your internet connection, restart the device, or run the update troubleshooter provided by Microsoft. If the problem persists, seek support from Microsoft forums or contact their support team.

Q. What are the notable features introduced in the latest Microsoft 365 updates?

A. The latest updates might include enhancements to collaboration tools, improved security measures, updated UI/UX, and integrations with other Microsoft products.

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