4 Myths about Business Continuity That Businesses Need to Overcome

Importance of Business Continuity Planning

If you are a business owner, and you have a clear plan insight about what your company would be doing, then you are on the correct track. But if you don’t have a plan in place, then your business can be in a bit of trouble. The terminology that we are discussing here is Business Continuity Planning.

The importance of business continuity plans is very vitally for the benefit of the organization. It is a streamlined process of executing preventive measures in place so that any external or internal threats can be mitigated efficiently and quickly. The essential goal is to ensure that your current processes are before and post-recovery as well. The risks of not having a business continuity plan are essentially great, and, unfortunately, many companies tend to overlook this concept completely.

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The following section will be focusing on some of the facts that companies tend to get wrong. We will even emphasize the examples of business continuity failures which will essentially change the viewpoint of the detractors for good.

Facts that get companies get wrong about Business Continuity Planning

Let us now look at some of these facts and what could be the risks of not having a business continuity plan in this section.

1. Failure to plan for the employees

Those organizations which had genuine foresight and were able to come out unscathed out of major business and technical situations were those that were able to take care of their employees. Your business continuity plan must remain intact, and there must be mandatory escape routes in case of critical emergencies. This is one of those practical business continuity scenario examples that can occur with anyone and overlooking it can result in a major catastrophe.

Your employees should have a fair share of knowledge about the strategies involved during the business planning process. This will ensure that they would not feel vulnerable in such a scenario.

2. Failing to be action-oriented

Companies must have a business plan ready in the first place and that should be the foremost thing to do. They should even think about the minute details because that would make a lot of difference if you want to execute it properly. This would even consist of factors like logistical issues for instance medical help and financial support.
You must discuss these facets with both the medical and the financial team so that things are taken care of. It is not just words and on paper that a business continuity plan works, it also works when you act upon it. Your employees will remember this contribution and the steps taken, even if you do not.

3. Failing to give the bigger picture to your employees about the plan

There would be many business owners who would be focusing on the downtime for the plan, but they do not understand the vitality of explaining the details of the plan to the employees.

If you are currently running a maintenance program, then your employees must be a part of the testing phase as well. They should be in sync with the current execution process so that they know how to respond in terms of any business condition that they face. If they are not involved in the core part of the process, they would not know who to turn to if any disaster strikes unforeseen. How would they be explaining this to their clients in this case; this would remain their major cause of worry. It is therefore important to have the core personnel and the employees involved in the workings of this continuity planning. There are some of the things that must be taken care of once the testing and the execution phase are in progress.

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4. Not following up after an incident has taken place

If any major incident takes place, the first thing that you should do is to measure the impact and toll it can take on your existing business process. You would not be able to make this assessment if you do not have employees in it. You must follow up with your employees after this incident has struck because naturally, they are the ones who contribute to be the driving force in your successes and failures.

Business owners must contact their crisis management to gauge the impact on the employees. If there is anything that can be done for them in their time of need, it must be done. Taking this approach will make a world of difference for them.

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