Security: Is it Mission Impossible?

Importance of Data Privacy

What is the importance of Data Privacy, and why is it essential? This is something that companies need to ask themselves when they are setting things up in their initial phases. Data Privacy is one of the preventive measures which would be instrumental in protecting the data and stopping any corruption through the development lifecycle.

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Many data security solutions are now present in the market, and these solutions mainly include some of the features that are a mandate. These include,

  • Tokenization – This is essentially a substitution of data elements with an equivalent known as the token. Therefore, the token can be generally referenced, which are then mapped to the sensitive data.
  • Data encryption – This is a security measure where the data would be encoded and can only be decoded when a correct security key would be entered.
  • Key Management – This includes the management of coded keys inside the cryptosystem. This would also include managing the exchange, storage, creation, and key replacement activities as well.

Data is something that can make or break a company permanently. It is, therefore, very essential to have mechanisms that would safeguard it against any cyber-attackers. Some of the popular solutions like Cisco Security Solutions are now providing additional security levels and functionalities to organizations. It is, therefore, imperative to have these measures in place, and this is where we understand the importance of data security in our personal as well as in our corporate lives.

Should we have Data Security Solutions in Place?

We have had quite a series of data security issues and the numbers and the number of losses that have been incurred over the years are quite astounding. Let us have a look at some of the statistics which would essentially want you to have a look at your existing data security measures in place,

  • As per official reports by Verizon, there are over 94% of malware that are sent via email, and about 34% of data breaches usually occurred because of internal personnel.
  • Symantec thinks that there has been a considerable amount of phishing emails. The numbers usually ranged from 1 in 2995 in 2017, and now it has come down to 1 in 3207. Also, there has been a considerable increase in Malicious PowerShell scripts on security endpoints by over 1000%.
  • There are over 100,000 groups in over 150 countries, and close to 400,000 machines were infected because of a virus outbreak of Wannacry in 2017. These cost companies over $4 billion.
  • Cryptomining is another source of data attack where over 90% of remote code execution attacks take place.

Some of these attacks are dangerous, and therefore it is essential to have data security solutions in place for any variants of attacks. Companies are mainly focused on protecting the three vital spheres of the process, these include,

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology

Then again, these three processes protect some of the inherent processes of the company. These would include the intellectual capital, infrastructure that is important for the organization processes, information of the customers, value of the brand, and so much more. Therefore, it is important to understand that data security and its solutions are not just important for companies but also in our homes as well. We cannot have data attacks on our home computers, resulting in cyber-attackers taking away all our data through these unscrupulous measures.

There have been reports nowadays that organizations and businesses also get attacked since they have a lot of security backdoors. This ensures that attackers can sneak in and take away the data resources that would eventually cause system breakdowns. Therefore, data security solutions would provide you with the vital shielding necessary to prevent any backdoor attacks. These solutions will have IPSec protocols, email security measures, malware attack deterrents other things in place. This should give companies enough evidence to prevent any of these attacks in the future.

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Computer Solutions East is an official partner of Cisco solutions, and they provide all kinds of expert opinions concerning the products that they have. CSE understands now that most of the footprint and the landscape are now shifting towards mobile and business applications, which is important for companies in the long run.

CSE also provides great collaboration capabilities concerning Cisco collaboration Solutions and if clients any support. The efficiency in which the data security services are provided is top-notch, and the security is much more advanced in this approach.

Computer Solutions East can essentially tell you that securing your organization’s data is important, and nothing is impossible if the approach and the outlook are correct. The Company mainly lets its clients do business in a way that would be beneficial.

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