Accelerate and Simplify IT with cloud intelligence for modern workplace

Businesses are looking to grow faster by leveraging technology offerings in place. A modern workplace is supplied through Microsoft 365 that enables you to achieve more across all platforms and provides the requisite safety and security for your critical IT assets. 

  • Microsoft cloud partner can help you with the centralized Endpoint Manager to control and protect your computers.Leverage New Azure Services to Migrate Workloads Efficiently.
  • Urge companies to consider how work is done and how Efficiency Score can affect business processes.
  • Simplify the management of the conference space with the management of the meeting rooms.
  • A new Microsoft Edge and Windows Virtual Desktop Address Software Compatibility with Desktop App Assure Expansion.
  • Expand the approach to virtualization with new solutions, including Windows Virtual Desktop client support.
  • Ease management with alerts and 365 Office 365 Classes.

Modern workplace with Microsoft Endpoint Manager 

 Today, the ConfigMgr (System Center Configuration Manager) and Microsoft Intune control over 200 million computers. ConfigMgr and Intune have advanced cloud-based management platforms and unique co-management options to supply, install, maintain, and protect remote endpoints within the IT infrastructure and applications.  

 Modern businesses will need the right blend of ConfigMgr and Intune; both play a crucial part in redefining how an organization uses the data using both. Remember that the ConfigMgr and Intune are not a bridge to co-management, itis a destination. 

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager can deliver to modern workplace vision and significantly simplify the business approach. Microsoft Endpoint Manager offers a streamlined end-to-end management system without the complexity of migrating or affecting efficiency, providing the transfer of Intune, ConfigMgr, and data — and other smart action.  

 Microsoft Endpoint Manager offers new transformative management and security to meet and help clients migrate to the cloud. The system management admin center (DMAC) and desktop analytics are part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager in addition to Intune and ConfigMgr. 

 The licensing process is also simple, making Intune licensing available to all ConfigMgr customers to manage Windows devices together. You need to buy either an Intune license, the Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) license, or a Microsoft 365 E3 or a higher license if you choose to control non-Windows devices through the Microsoft Endpoint Manager. 

 The functionality and experiences of Microsoft Endpoint Manager will appear in the software for the organizations leveraging IT service providers in USA. 

 Simplified Managed Meeting Rooms 

Productive meetings in the modern workplace are essential to performance. In conjunction with growing remote collaboration, business leaders increasingly associate productive meetings with the right technologies and atmosphere in the meeting space. You can utilize Microsoft’s Managed Meeting Rooms, a new service offer to organize meetings. This service is a cloud MSP service that ensures safe, up-to-date, and constructive team meetings for a great experience in the space.  

 Virtualized Experiences: Windows Virtual Desktop 

Windows Virtual Desktop is a single service offering streamlined management. You can opt to hire Microsoft 365 Service providers in the USA who enable driving Windows 10 multi-session expertise, Office 365 ProPlus optimization, and support for desktops and applications in Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Incorporating MSIX software add-ons is increasingly more accessible for IT professionals to navigate the user experience of Windows Virtual Desktop. You can dynamically install an application or user profile to minimize storage and enhance UX.  

 Microsoft 365 Admin Security and productivity enhancements  

There are much security and efficiency changes rolled out by Microsoft 365 Administration Center and Office 365. A team of the managed cloud service provider can help modernize your workplace with Microsoft 365 Admin Center. This will have you an all-new AI-enabled recommendation that recognizes potential issues and quickly changes them through guided experience.  

 Your managed cloud service provider in the USA can take over the admin tasks, and current configuration settings are recommended for your company. It also covers Microsoft Information Security, Advanced Threat Protection, Self-Service Password Reset, and GDPR-consistent data retention. Adopt the modern workplace tools with these changes and enhancements to Microsoft 365 Administrators’ stability, usability, and network improvements. 

 Finally, you can have a dedicated cloud computing expert for modern Microsoft solutions to boost Office 365 Classes, making collaboration more straightforward for 20+ Microsoft 365 services. You can also make the most out of Teams services to quickly access critical business information and many sought-after client features to improve productivity and security of group management. This includes support for designating rules, ensure cloud storage of data, create a meeting, and take/make calls to remote team members.  

 The future of modern management 

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a significant move forward in clarifying the future vision for modern management. The end goal is to have the co-management and start connecting ConfigMgr with Intune today, mainly because all ConfigMgr customers have access to co-manage Intune for Windows. 


Start prioritizing your key enterprise functions with the intelligent cloud including services by App Assure with Microsoft. It can fix any compatibility problems that users may face while switching to Microsoft Edge and Windows Virtual Desktop.  If you’re interested in Microsoft’s meeting service, you can speak to Computer Solutions East experts and get started. 


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