3 Common Wireless Network Issues and How to Solve Them

The Internet has become an integral part of our livelihood, and it is tough to imagine a life without it. Technology has made significant changes to the ways of life, and it is irreversible to change back to olden times. Mobile phones are taking over all the other devices as they are the most convenient device to use at any location. The network traffic has exponentially increased such that companies are having headaches in troubleshooting network problems and user’s problems.

Wireless network problems and solutions - CSE

The latest creative applications are placing a cumbersome load on the networks doubling the work for service providers. The security is also compromised due to applications created in unsecured platforms. The wireless network has become the new normal for internet connections, with added advantages over wired ones.

The wired networks are slowly being replaced by the wireless network in every home and business. It requires less installation of wires, making it the universal solution for wired network errors. In an IT infrastructure, Wi-Fi is a crucial part of practical functioning, and without it, operations cannot happen. Incorrect setup of your system to the network can create security and performance problems.

The three common wireless network issues are:

Improper hardware configuration - CSE

#1 Improper hardware configuration

The primary component needed for providing a network service is the hardware infrastructure. The cables, Network Access Points (APs), servers, interface devices, and operating systems are the basic units for network arrangement. The quality and caliber of the constituent parts play a significant role in the steady connection. The hardware should be upgraded to meet the rising demand of the users. You could save money by decreasing network components, but as load increases, it is the first one to blow. So, cost-effectiveness can be seen in network management and not in network installation.

The hardware should be able to withstand the traffic load and provide a seamless connection at the same time. If it decreases productivity and adds frustration to the user, the network is not worth of business. Wireless & Unified Network Services could guarantee you a steady and secure network connection. Many companies have started using this service to enhance business productivity. The Unified Network services are the management services for wired and wireless networks through a single interface. This latest technology has just made the rounds in the sector and is one of the leading techniques used in many businesses.

#2. Excessive Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI)

The RFI occurs when an external source emits unwanted radio signals to affect the network’s electricity conduction. If this factor is not taken into account, substantial losses can be with the loss of network transmission. The main problem is everything emits the same frequency of the network from the telephones to the security system in the company. This causes interference in the signal, leading to Wi-Fi disruptions. So, higher transmission power is required to overcome these disruptions. This would be an unwanted expenditure of a business unless it was planned precisely.

Threat to Business Data - CSE

#3 Threat to Business Data

Cybersecurity must always remain a company’s top priority to safeguard its sensitive data. They are still a headache to any high-performing enterprise because of their massive storage of confidential data. If cybercriminals can gain easy access to this data, their company would fall into pieces. Transmitting in a wireless network makes it more vulnerable than a wired connection, but it makes things convenient. So, choosing a robust security provider is the best option for saving your business from many potential threats.

These are the common wireless issues faced by most companies, and improving them is the ultimate solution. CISCO has been leading the competition in terms of network security with the Cisco Unified Wireless Network Solution and Cisco Wireless Solutions.

The Cisco Unified Wireless Network Solution integrates the wired and wireless network system to enhance the network’s performance. It starts with the client device base and adds every component to the network with a robust and stable WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) solution. It provides mobility, convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness on availing the network. The connections are of high quality, and critical data are installed with high-grade security.

The Need for Security Audits

Adopting information security rules and procedures is insufficient to ensure the protection of an organization’s information assets. Policies may be insufficient or compliance with policies may be insufficient. A review must be conducted to ensure that they are successful in accomplishing their goals.

Security Audits - CSE

A security audit is a methodical, quantifiable technical examination of how an organization’s security policy is implemented. It is a necessary component of the ongoing process of developing and implementing good security policies. Security audits are a transparent and quantifiable method of determining how secure a website really is.

Cybersecurity audits serve as a checklist for validating an organization’s security policies and processes. Organizations that perform audits will be able to determine if they have the necessary security measures in place and are also in accordance with applicable laws. This enables companies to adopt a proactive stance when developing cybersecurity rules, resulting in a more dynamic network security environment. Third-party suppliers conduct cybersecurity audits to avoid any conflicts of interest. They may also be managed by an internal system as long as they operate independently of the parent company.

CSE provides reliable technology and robust network security for your business. They have customized packages that meet the company’s specific demands. CSE offers instant online delivery on short notice and also in-person installations. They have an extensive network capability with Cisco Wireless Solutions. If facing any technical difficulties, customer support services are available around the clock. Talk to us.

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