What is Endpoint Protection, and why do you need it?

Why is it called Endpoint Security?

Endpoint protection, also known as endpoint security, refers to the security measures taken to keep track of the dangers that network endpoints face. Servers, laptops, workstations, mobile devices, and other devices are examples of endpoints.

This is a measure taken by some businesses to ensure that security and compliance criteria are met. When it comes to the entire business as well as the company’s viability, this is critical. Also, if there is a probability of a cybercrime assault, the endpoint devices that are connected to the central servers could be the actual targets. Endpoints will provide these entities access if these devices are compromised.

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Endpoints can cause a lot of problems for businesses if they aren’t taken care of early on. This is why, in many ways, the term “endpoint security” makes sense. Any security concerns or defects that may arise as a result of these endpoints must be addressed. Companies must take precautions to ensure that their networks stay safe.

Why is Endpoint Security Important?

If we take an instance of any given workplace or a corporation, they are very dynamic. Therefore, they are now trying to elevate the integration practices, thus ensuring faster access to data, which can be done through remote access as well. On the one hand, these measures can prove to be very handy since we need to handle many workforces that are currently present, but on the flip side, it can cause issues concerning security. If there is any security breakdown, it might collapse the entire network. If you are having devices like smartphones and laptops plugged in with an open-source wi-fi network, you are essentially inviting this malware-ridden attacks into your endpoint. So, a threat is always there whether you like it or not.

There have been official researches conducted with reputed companies, and it shows the sorry stage concerning an endpoint security standpoint. The Ponemon Institute carried out a study on a topic called The Cost of Insecure Endpoints, and it concluded that,

  • There are over 55% of the companies are exposed to a potential data breach, that can cost the company millions of dollars.
  • Unproductive endpoint security measures in place cost a total of $6million on average annually. This occurs mainly owing to the detection of potential breaches and the time wasted in solving them.

It is also to be noted that an average personal computer faces close to 3 cyber-attacks per month, and if we are taking the perspective of an organization, then the damages are a lot more than imaginable.

What Constitutes a Good Endpoint Protection Plan?

Companies must take appropriate steps in ensuring that a good endpoint protection plan is put into place. Some of the steps which must be taken in this respect are listed as follows,

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  • Good policy management ensures that is a set of rules concerning who gets control of the company server, what are permissions must be set up for every user, and what are the overriding protocols in any case.
  • Patch management must be set up in the cases of having security patches set up in the case of any cyber-attacks.
  • Having a centralized management system is an important aspect that must be considered by companies as well.
  • Advanced device control needs to be in place so that companies would be able to monitor the external devices, drives, Bluetooth connections, and cloud storage as well and providing them with system encryption keys.

Computer Solutions East is a foremost expert concerning Microsoft Security, and the one product that is contributed by the organization for its different clients is the ATP or Advanced Threat Protection. This product offers a whole range of security solutions that protects the users against any malware attacks that could target any sensitive data in the systems. This application can be managed through software or managed devices as well.

Computer Solutions East Security Experts give the clients a thorough understanding of the product concerning the current security protocols of the client. The experts walk them through every aspect of the tool and how best it can benefit the clients owing to the vast array of security features it offers.

ATP provides clients with endpoint security measures that would safeguard their devices against these potential attacks. It ensures that there is no security breach whatsoever when you have this in the system.

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