AWS Vs Google Cloud Vs Microsoft. Which option is best for your Business?

Three vendors dominate the IT market in this cloud age – Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. These three are only at the top for the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service) or PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) models relative to the rest of the fields. Amazon is clearly the pioneer, and the cloud market will rule for many years to come. On the other end, the security and robustness offered by Microsoft Azure cannot be overlooked. This leads to businesses making close calls regarding which is the ideal fit for the business. 

Such options would involve identifying the difference between the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud and choosing the right choice. It can be clarified based on different features and the combined benefits and drawbacks of all three platforms. 

AWS (Amazon Web Services) – Pros and Cons

This is the dominant cloud platform in the IT space but not suitable for every project. Even though Amazon continues to dominate the cloud market, hiring the right AWS managed service provider can redefine how the main reason for success is the large operations array. 

AWS has a massive variety of facilities available thus far, and it is still considered the largest data center network made available for the enterprise. According to the Gartner study, AWS has the most profound potential to handle multiple users and resources together. 

AWS’s greatest challenge is pricing. However, the company continually reduces its costs, but it is difficult for businesses to grasp the cost structure and control costs while operating extensive services. A perfect range of benefits easily outweighs these drawbacks, and businesses of all sizes use AWS for different workloads. 

Microsoft Azure – Pros and ConsAzure

One of the leading top 10 managed service providers is Microsoft Azure that has entered the cloud business a little late. It still but its reliable services and cloud advantages started. The key reason why the Azure platform is successful is that many businesses now use Windows applications. 

It can be combined with other software easily and makes sense for large corporations. It is considered the most loyal Microsoft site for users. Also, you might get competitive discounts for Azure cloud services if you are a current Microsoft customer. 

Gartner says Azure is not as refined as it should be, but many would depend on the Microsoft azure expert managed service provider. Customers need providers to tackle documentation issues, technical support, training materials, etc. It does not offer sufficient support to DevOps approaches because of selected automation features, and the employee himself performs a great deal of management work. 

Google Cloud Platform – Pros and Cons 

Google is also the right cloud candidate since it began the Kubernetes compared to AWS and Azure. Google Cloud Platform’s primary services include machine learning, big-data analytics, and more. 

GCP has outstanding response time and knows well data centers. Google ranks third in the IT marketplace, not offering as many services as AWS or Azure. According to Gartner, GCP is not a strategic partner, but just a secondary partner. If you compete with Amazon, you can freely select GCP in that situation, depending on the Google Cloud Service provider. It is important to remember that this is a strongly DevOps-centric open-source platform, well-aligned to Microsoft Azure. 

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google – Compute & Storage 

Cloud computation is nothing but an important role that explains machine workload issues. For an efficient cloud provider, multiple nodes are often easy to connect. Lets us see all three platforms’ computing capabilities one by one – 

  • First is Amazon EC2; it provides excellent computing services to use custom predefined AMIs for configuring various virtual machines. 
  • Secondly, Microsoft Azure provides an AMI-like virtual hard disc and helps install a virtual machine in Amazon. 
  • Eventually, Google Cloud Platform or GCP and configures the virtual machine using the computer engine. 

Storage is another key feature of cloud computing, and storage services often apply to data storage. AWS provides long-term storage that is helpful, though Azure and Google can also be considered more respectable and secure storage choices. Microsoft and AWS are leading players in the cloud industry, according to Gartner. Simultaneously, IBM and Google will soon be cloud leaders. 

Azure-Site-Recovery-REDUCED-COMPLEXITY.jpgAWS vs. Azure vs. Google – What suits you the most?

Choosing from the top 10 managed service provider depends on project needs and workloads. For instance, it doesn’t have to work best for your project if one vendor suits a project. See the Cloud Strategy for the right DevOps managed service provider for your next cloud project and balance the workload. 

Why Choose AWS? 

You’re never going to go wrong with AWS because it has many resources and services. If you want to have a more intimate relationship, the only reason you should not use AWS. Due to the large scale of the organization, Amazon cannot create personalized relationships. However, some experts can advise you best. 

Why Choose Azure? 

There is nothing better for Microsoft users than the Azure cloud platform. You will have your current .NET code on the Azure platform that can earn more discounts as an existing Microsoft customer. Azure may not be the perfect alternative if you want Linux or DevOps. 

Why Choose Google Cloud? 

Google is a modern cloud player that is steadily gaining popularity. Put merely, GCP has no legacy history in managing cloud services, but it is completely dedicated and spends billions, making it a great hit. Google is concentrating more on how to exploit AI and machine learning capabilities for the Google Cloud Platform. GCP could be a better option soon. 

In the end, it all boils down to how you look to leverage the cloud. While these three leading suppliers compete in the same market, there are sufficiently different factors that make them more suitable for some applications than others. 

Enterprise is using different cloud systems from time to time. You can know more about Microsoft Azure if your Organization depends more on Windows and Microsoft software programs. Computer Solutions East stands as an experienced cloud service provider for Microsoft Azure that enables enterprises to leverage the critical business assets at an optimal level. 

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