Discontinued windows 7 support Affecting Business? Here’s what you do next

With over ten years of service, windows 7 was the most popular OS of its time. However, it does make sense that things need to change with time. Therefore, January 14, 2020, became the official date for the end of Windows 7 support.

However, does it affect your business in any way?

Well, with every new update, there are several security patches and bug fixes. In terms of windows 7, the mainstream support had already ended on January 13, 2015, and you cannot receive any new features or claim a warranty.

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Hence, if your business is still operating on windows seven, then you are at a significant security threat. That’s because new bugs keep being discovered. Therefore, you must update the operating system to keep your business secure and safe. In this article, you’ll get everything you need to know about windows seven after the end of life.

End of life: what does it mean?

End of life is a phase of windows seven that is known as the final phase of this operating system. Therefore, after the end of the windows seven support date, i.e., 14 Jan 2020, windows seven is officially declared dead.

In simple terms, windows 7 discontinued receiving any bug fixes or security patches. Before that, the mainstream support already ended on January 13, 2015, which means you cannot claim a warranty or get future updates after that date.

Windows classify its support in two ways – mainstream help and extended support. That means Windows 7 discontinued receiving feature upgrades in 2015, and now it stopped getting critical updates as well. Therefore, this phase of windows seven is termed the end of life.

End of Windows 7 updates: Does it affect your organization?

Ever since Microsoft announced the end of windows seven support, does it affect your organization in any way? Well, from a practical point of view, it does affect your organization significantly and in adverse ways. Foremost of all, your systems that are running Windows 7 are no more secure because no new vulnerabilities will be patched. However, bad guys (hackers) will continue finding vulnerabilities and exploit your system. Therefore, your network, as well as sensitive information, is at high risk of being stolen or hacked. Also, your competitors can compromise your data and misuse it for their benefits by adopting dirty strategies moreover, your organization can no more use any latest technology. That’s because Windows 7 end of life also means a stop on necessary feature upgrades. Hence, your system will be no more compatible with any new features.

Last but not least, you will also encounter problems while hiring the appropriate workforce. That’s because the newer trained individuals are taught to work with the latest operating system, and yours is very old. Therefore, they’ll require specialized training.
On top of that, if your company needs to follow various compliances to operate, then the usage of the outdated operating system is a simple sign of negative marking. Therefore, things can even go legal due to this. Hence, windows seven after the end of support hinders both the productivity and growth of your organization adversely. Therefore, it is essential to find a solution to this problem if you want your organization to thrive.

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What’s the solution?

The easiest thing you can do to solve all these dilemmas is to find a windows seven end-of-life alternative. So, you can go for an option like windows 10 to keep things on track while ensuring everything is safe and secure in your organization. If your organization uses the latest computers with windows ten or any other operating system that receives features and security updates occasionally, then you can get a lot of benefits through it. The most prominent of all, you’ll be way too ahead of your competition. Windows 10 provides you with faster operations due to better hard drives and more significant processors. Therefore, you can quickly get a lot of things done in minimal time. Moreover, your employees can also do multitask and ultimately increase the productivity of your organization.

Furthermore, with the availability of software like office 365, you can get the most out of your business with minimal requirements. Therefore, upgrading to windows ten can solve all your problems regarding what to do after the end of windows 7. Not only in computers, but the end of life also applies to servers that mean updated servers will work more efficiently and provide better performance than the outdated ones. Therefore, f you are using windows server 2008R2, then upgrade to a newer version as soon as possible.

So that was how you could manage the aftereffects of the end of life of Windows 7. After all, you’ll never want someone to peek through your secrets or organizational data. Therefore, make sure you keep yourself and your company upgraded.

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