Make the most out of Microsoft Outlook to Maximize Productivity

Online meetings and video calls have taken over the informal hallway communications. Increased meetings also mean more time needed to prepare for them and ensure follow-ups happen. Quickly finding the files and emails, you need for a meeting can help you spend less time preparing for it.

An all-new Outlook for Android: Find the information you need for your meetings under one roof—Meeting Insights gets the email communication and files that may be pertinent for your meeting right into the event details on your calendar, so you can quickly find what you need.


Single tap to join an online meeting: Now, it is quick and straightforward to see all the pieces of information for a meeting right in your inbox. Flip between messages and meeting info, check the attendee list, attend the meeting, and even include an online meeting to it if the organizer/manager forgot. Now, no more emailing someone to please add a Teams link!

LATEST UPDATE! Quicker, better Control for meeting invites: Outlook and Teams work excellently together, but we recognized that some encounter meeting invitations for meet-ups using other online meeting tools. For them, we have added a one-tap to JOIN a new experience in Outlook mobile. Now, if you get an invitation from external users who use Zoom or Webex tools, all you have to do is tap Join to meet them online quickly.

Creating an automated meeting planner online: Since most people are still working remotely, it is always good to join an online meeting. You can set this as the default option in Outlook mobile and web so that you never forget to add that Teams link again. 

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