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Apple declared the public release of iOS 14 earlier this week. Microsoft is eager to provide details about its suite of Microsoft 365 apps that are entirely composed of the new software update. Here are some insights at everything you need to know about all the latest update changes.

First up, Microsoft Outlook and Edge can now be installed as the default applications on iOS 14, which means users will choose Outlook to restore the default mail app. At the same time, Microsoft Edge can replace the Safari app on their mobile devices. But, at first, users need to update their Microsoft Outlook and Edge apps to get the facility to switch defaults on iOS 14 from the settings menu. To change your default apps, head towards Settings, and go down to the respective app (Microsoft Edge or Outlook). On the next screen, click on Default Browser/Email App to set your selected one as default.

Microsoft Hololens

The 2nd important update for Microsoft’s apps is the new support for widgets in iOS14. Microsoft has finally updated Outlook and OneDrive with the facility to add widgets to the iOS and iPad home screen for quicker access. More precisely, the OneDrive widget will permit users to see their photo recollection from the “On This Day feature,” and the Outlook Calendar widget will allow a more comfortable glance of the day.

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Lastly, the company has committed to deliver offline editing support for Office files in Fall 2020. With this update, iOS users will be able to download their Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files on iPhone or iPad devices for offline editing. Microsoft also plans to unfold the new Home experience for OneDrive users later this month. It will let them access their most recently used files, shared libraries, and offline files together regardless of what device they last used. Moreover, the company is also bringing new capabilities to Big Sur and OneDrive on macOS. The future OneDrive update will add automatic renaming support for those files and folders that contain invalid characters or errors.

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