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The entire world is now facing a global crisis in this pandemic situation. The decision leaders are giving their best efforts for maintaining the rules and regulations in their territory. A robust database will surely help the leaders take a practical path towards reviving the Covid-19 Pandemic situation. The most vulnerable communities can be traced with the help of the data. Hence the availability of the right data is very crucial. New technologies have been designed based on the data collected. Therefore, there should be an authentic and reliable resource for the storage and allocation of the data. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has enough potential to drive innovation in the workplace.

Why can analytics be an essential tool for the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic?

Identification of communities at risk:

Health officials need to identify the most affected communities. It will help them to better modeling of health infrastructure, emergency funding allocation, and preventive measures. All the primary data, satellite information, and statistical bureaus can provide the data by which mapping of areas can be done. Informed decision making can be obtained with the help of these data sets. Several risk models with variable factors can be prepared with the benefit of the data set. Hence analytics can serve as the one-stop solution for all the data collection. The recovery rate can also be identified.

Recording Scattered Communication

Population movements using mobile phone data:

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa witnessed the comprehensive utilization of aggregated mobile data from the telecom sector. This time also the same procedure has been adopted by some countries. The human mobility trend during lockdown can be traced using this data. The risk of infection in a specific region can also be estimated. Many countries like India are using a mobile app strategy. The quarantined citizens can contact and inform the government about the symptoms of the disease. The app can trace the location of the person. It will also alert the neighbors of that containment zone.

Is data privacy a major issue?

The government is cautious enough regarding the protection of the data. There should be proper data privacy regulations that can ensure the appropriate utilization of the data. Independent data committees can be established for performing the operations. A perfect balance should exist between public interest and individual privacy. The authorities are always trying to protect the personal information of the people. Coming Microsoft Dynamics 365, the data can be store securely in the applications permanently. Instead of physical devices, Microsoft has come up with innovative applications that can help the government. People will now have no fear of losing personal data.

Power BI CSE

How are Power BI applications capitalized to drive new analytics projects?

  • Quick insights
  • Asking a question
  • Integration with R
  • Intelligent App suggestions
  • Integration with Azure machine learning
  • Data shaping with R
  • Segmentation and Chore Analysis
  • Integration with Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics
  • Data visualization with Power BI Service.

How can customers get unmatched time to insights and fresh new perspectives regarding data analytics using Azure Synapse?

Experiencing the limitless scale of data:-

Azure Synapse has enough potential to deliver insights from all the data sources. The familiar SQL language can be used to query both relational and non-relational data. The petabyte-scale will be the reference. Intelligent workload management is possible with the help of the optimization of performance. One will get limitless concurrency and workload isolation. The data professionals can efficiently work using Azure Synapse. Big data analytics systems can be managed across data warehouses.

Discovering powerful insights:-

There is a deep integration of Azure Synapse with Azure machine learning and Power BI. Machine learning models are used to prepare intelligent applications. The data is shared with just a few clicks. The project development time is reduced appreciably. Limitless analytics services can be obtained. The analytics can be applied all over the most critical data seamlessly.

Unified analytics experience:-

Azure Synapse can build end-to-end business solutions using analytics experience. The data pipelines can be managed using a code-free visual environment. The database operators do automation of query optimization. Building proofs of concepts are accessible for the data scientists. Power BI is used by business analysts to create dashboards. The user will get unified experience regarding the preparation, management, and warehousing of big data using AI.

Gaining instant clarity:-

Azure Synapse can bring cloud-native HTAP implementation. It is simple and costs low. The business will get immediate insights. A one-time click can easily remove the barriers between the Azure database and Azure Synapse. It will help to track the real operational data. There is no impact on transactional workloads. Running a near-real-time business is possible. All the business analysts, data scientists, and data engineers can benefit from Azure Synapse.

Unmatched security and privacy:-

The privacy features of Microsoft Azure are most advanced. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has developed this application. Always-on-data encryption and threat detection are some of the examples. Dynamic data masking is used to protect sensitive data in real-time. Row-level and column-level security are some added options for keeping the data secure. The business will get fine-grained access to controlling property. All the essential characteristic features are built into Azure Synapse.

The analytics will be an essential tool for tracking the recovery rate of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has different versions of analytics tools like Microsoft Azure service that can scan and track the data. It will make the data collection process very simple.


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