Customer privacy has been a long-time concern: from ransomware attacks to illegal encryption of files to data breach. It has been over a year since the news of the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Whether or not your business is located in the European Union (EU), possessing the identification of data of your customers who are EU citizens gives you the responsibility of fully complying with the GDPR because data protection is a clear issue of privacy and security.

Microsoft keeps its partners duly informed about all aspects of GDPR since they carry the brand and product line; thus they must remain faithful to its quality service. Microsoft has Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft Azure, SQL, Windows Server, and Windows that comprise a compact security-induced toolkit for the customer.

“Do-it-yourself” assessments on your customer database to check if you are fully GDPR compliant may come off as risky since you may have missed out on important details. A GDPR assessment from a registered service provider like Computer Solutions East, Inc., a Microsoft partner, is a safer choice to as a responsible data holder for your customers’ data.

As Microsoft reminds its partners, GDPR’s full blast implementation will be on May 25,2018, which means that organizations that do not comply can be penalized for not ensuring optimized privacy of customers’ information.

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