Microsoft Awards CSE with Silver Competency for Cloud Productivity

On August 14, 2017, Microsoft awarded another certification to Computer Solutions East, Inc. (CSE) with the Silver Competency for Cloud Productivity. This competency is given to those who have completed the following requirements: performance, passing examinations, providing customer evidence, completing an organization profile, and paying the competency fee. As a holder of this competency, CSE is eligible for Microsoft Hosting, Microsoft Online Services Usage, and Multiple Enterprise Licenses.

As a Managed Service Partner of Microsoft, CSE demonstrates its mastery with Microsoft services and products by fulfilling the requirement of having 2,000 Active Entitlements (active users) for developed country markets and 1,000 Active Entitlements (active users) for emerging country markets.

2017 has been a good year for CSE because they have received citations from different award-giving bodies for technology and business such as Tec,h Elite 250, CRN Next-Gen 250, CRN Pioneer 250, and Inc. 5000.

CSE continues to be a formidable force for Microsoft Partner Network membership as it provides its customers with the excellence of Microsoft services while empowering its employees to deliver the best service they can. 

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