The Changing Landscape of Education in the New Normal with Cisco and Microsoft 365 Services

Cisco and Microsoft are collaborating to create a better learning outcome. They want to transform the global education assessment. They have jointly launched a program for evaluation of 21st-century learning and teaching in the classrooms. It is a multi-sector research project. New assessment approaches, technologies, and robust methods will be a part of the innovation. Educational leaders, government, and corporate are requested to join the movement and make it into a successful campaign. The sole aim of this project is to identify the key areas that will transform and assess education. There are teams of educators and learners who will determine:-

  • Educational assessment methodologies and technologies
  • Effective learning environment
  • ICT-based teaching and assessment

The project is also responsible for scanning the successful teaching campaigns. According to Cisco, a holistic transformation is needed in the global education system. It is a long-term and multi-stakeholder commitment. Both the public and private sectors should contribute equally to the progress of the project. A considerable gap exists between what is taught in the school and the practical world needs. This collaboration is all about taking initiatives to fill this gap. An increase in the rates of graduating candidates can be a good indicator of success. More parties will be interested in joining the movement based on the success of the campaign. This collaboration will help to maintain international standards.
It can be well said that education will be going to the next level due to such participation of the global bodies. It is also going to solve global unemployment issues. It is because employability is a more significant concern for the world than employment. Microsoft and Cisco are coming together to do the best possible thing in the field of education.

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Why can Cisco be a beneficial tool for education?

Empowering education will be successful only with the help of a solid technology foundation. It is the era for making new models for teachers and learners. Cisco is leading the race of introducing digital technology in education. This technology is making it possible for schooling is reliable and reach a more significant population. Cisco maintains a good relationship with the vast ecosystem of educational partners. With its help, technology is utilized so that the success of the student is guaranteed. Massive innovation can be created in the field of teaching, learning, and research. Hence it is also going to give better outcomes for the educators. The engagement of the student with a particular concept will improve. They will gradually become experienced and gain enough interest for further studies. Hence the organizations must use Cisco Tools for Educational Institute for the better future of the students.

  • Focus is given on both learning and innovation.
  • Significant strengthening of the workforce for the future.
  • Education is blended with design.
  • Cope up the network along with the accelerating change of education
  • Enough security for protecting the resources reserved for the students
  • Covering all the bases with comprehensive portfolios

Funding the upgrade of the technology with the help of Cisco resources:

  • CISCO Capital financing:-The global finance-related critical issues can be addressed with the help of Cisco Capital financing. A flexible financial solution can be obtained for the Cisco products and services. The main focus is to create an exceptional customer experience. The financing models help provide practical education to the students.
  • CISCO Refresh:-The Cisco products are fully certified manufacturing pieces of equipment. It will help the schools, colleges, and universities to have significant savings on energy and resources. The products are priced according to the market rates. The enormous inventory of Cisco products is always ready for immediate shipments. The remanufactured products have similar quality as the new.

Product of M365 that can contribute to the education sector 

The higher education environment is available to supplement an existing Dynamics 365 installation, assist with day-to-day activities, or as a stand-alone data model for developers. Installable scenarios include standard entity attribute enhancements, higher-education entities, pre-configured dashboards, sample data, and other resources to assist customers and partners in developing and deploying new solutions. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Education solutions enable schools to get insights into student record-keeping data and analytics, enabling educators to assist students in improving their learning. 

Schools and educational institutes can leverage the Modular ERP solutions offered by Dynamics 365 that help institutions more digital step by step. Information about students, staff, schedules, examinations, admissions, fees, reporting and other similar items is conveniently accessible in the solution. This assists in both short- and long-term decision-making, facilitating quicker long-term planning skills. Access to better data allows strategic data analysis to support informed decision-making. 

The Dynamics 365 solution automates and integrates an institute’s academic and administrative operations. It is a complete system that automates all aspects of the foundation’s operations, including admission, attendance, fee administration, examination, and financing. With Dynamics 365, you can manage the whole student journey in a centralized system. 

The Take away:

The Covid-19 pandemic situation has forced the institutes to shift towards the online mode of education. The importance of technology is felt in the education sector. With this new world of work, the economy has changed. Microsoft can be an essential part of the Educational Transformation. It would be best if you tried Microsoft tool for an educational institute that has collaborated with Cisco.


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