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In response to the COVID-19, Microsoft announces new offers

In reaction to the global COVID-19 issue, Microsoft is introducing many new initiatives to help people and organizations worldwide. These offerings are intended to provide companies the resilience they need to deal with the economic recession and to set the groundwork for continued business development.

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Power Platform Emergency Response Solutions

The Power Framework enables you to develop web-based quickly and smartphone apps to enhance connectivity and streamline emergency management procedures. Microsoft helped build and implement disaster management and power systems applications throughout the sector during this period. These solutions have been converted into templates to use by all customers. Customers from healthcare, education, Nonprofit and public sectors can now access Power Apps, Power Automates, and Power Apps portals through a free offer for up to six months. Such consumers, besides GCC parts, are also eligible for Control Virtual Officers.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is available Free of Charge

The global pandemic is overwhelming contact centers across the world and complicating other operators operating remotely by a significant rise in call volumes. Call center staff will have reliable, customized assistance when running globally via omnichannel solutions with Strategies 365 customer care. Dynamics 365 Customer Care (Digital Communications included) will be sponsored by consumers who adopt a customer service approach in reaction to COVID-19 for up to six months, to meet the growing need for Contact Centers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist available Free of Charge

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist enables technicians and experts from different sites to cooperate, reduce travel, and overcome some of the immediate challenges that face everyone. For customers deploying a remote help system in response to COVID-19, either a Microsoft prototype supplied or personalized application, Dynamics 365 Remote assistance service is often available free of charge up to six months.

Licensing and Technical Enforcement Deadline Extensions

Moreover, Microsoft needs consumers to have adequate flexibility to plan for potential license changes and technological compliance deadlines. The date changes are listed below:

Team leaders Interactions 365: 365 current Team Leader licenses will be extended until October 1, 2018, until December 31, 2020 (extends from June 30, 2020). Team Members have been approved until October 1, 2018. All renewing consumers may be forced to switch to a new Team Members License from 1 January 2021.

Dynamics 365 Storage and prod / non-prod instances: Existing Dynamics 365 customers can renew their existing storage and prod / non-prod instance rights by December 31, 2020. All renewing customers will have to move to a new model from 1 January 2021. Meanwhile, Dynamics 365 customers can use their current storage and non-prod instances.

Dynamics 365 Portals:  Current Dynamics 365 clients are required to extend their app access privileges by 31 December 2020. Both renewing customers conform to the latest license privileges of portal subscribers from 1 January 2021 onward.

Dynamics 365 Plan:  Clients can use their customers qualifying offers to transition to the model by the 30th of June 2021, extended from the 30th June 2020 date, to renew dynamics 365 Plan, Customer Engagement Plan, and Unified Operations Programme.

Professional Extensions with Applications: Technic compliance for Dynamics 365, Group members will be introduced from 31st January 2021 (extended from 30th September 2020) as licenses acquired or converted after 1st October 2018.

Microsoft is continuing to focus on its roadmap of progress and will exploit its stable deployment frameworks, thus enabling the 2020 Wave One release to launch. Microsoft April, and in several instances, the changes to the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Application development plans also advance in their preparation phases. You expect them as planned to be available. However, Microsoft will postpone the required upgrade of Dynamics 365, one month after May, for the 2020 surge, and allow for one more version pause for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. This will encourage customers to upgrade the 2020 wave at best — in April, as initially expected, or postponed until May.

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