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The pandemic situation has made the whole world come to a standstill with deserted roads, empty buildings, and immobile humans. People were forced to shut their doors to safeguard themselves from the infectious virus. The economy of almost every country falling to the ground has caused additional pressure on the world leaders. Containing the situation has been ongoing at the best rate, but it will not be sufficient enough to control the most populated areas. In this chaotic situation, every sector has started looking for alternative ways to get back on track.

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Technology has provided a successful route to continue the business/activity in the safest way. Remote working is the modern workplace solution for organizations, educational institutions, and other infrastructures to survive the fall. Business organizations can eventually change their entire operations at the comfort of their homes, but educational institutions are facing many challenges. The limited budgets, new faculty, available devices with the students, and security risks are some of the significant factors affecting many schools and colleges. But the Education Department should think about the future of the student if this prolongs for more than five months. To ensure a secure future for the students, educational institutes have found the best IT outsourcing solution to solve the problems.

Microsoft has been leading the race in providing all the necessary products and services to the Education industry. They have become the prime Managed Service Providers for Education Industry by introducing free online applications for educational institutions. It helps the small and mid-sized institutes to conduct online classes and interactive communications. Microsoft has created student devices that can withstand the rough usage of everyday students. Microsoft’s Surface notebooks and convertibles provide students to experience Windows 10 in its original form.

The Surface convertibles and notebooks are promising the best educational experience, along with their pros and cons. The notable four devices are as follows:

Surface Pro 7:

Surface Pro 7 is a convertible device that can act as a tablet as well as a laptop. The tablet, when attached to Microsoft’s keyboards, forms a laptop, which is the jack-of-all-trades in this lineup. The battery lasts for almost 10 hours, 30 minutes, surpassing all the previous devices’ battery life. It is fixed at an affordable price, which is an excellent pick for mainstream consumers and students who do not want to spend a hefty amount on a laptop.

The Surface Pro is cheaper than any other Microsoft device, making it the instant pick for many learners. It offers the best tablet experience for reading, and with the detachable screen, students can easily carry it anywhere around. It is in-built with all the necessary tools for school/college classes and can be used with a digital pen for taking academic notes on your device.

Surface Laptop 3:

The Surface Laptop 3 is installed with an attractive metal design in two different sizes, 13.5- inch and 15-inch. It cannot be converted into a tablet, and the keyboard is built to sport a look that can put the MacBook to shame. It is a bit expensive with a slim structure but can be bought for its bright and vivid display.

The Surface Laptop is usually preferred by students, essayists, and bloggers for its best typing feature. The keyboard is so comfortable for the students, and it is the best option for a device that stands out from the crowd. The lightweight chassis and loud, clear speakers force us to take it anywhere on the go.

Surface Pro X:

The Surface Pro X is again a convertible that can act as a tablet as well as a laptop. It may sound like the Surface Pro 7, but it comes with a Surface Type Cover and Pen that can be held within the Type-Cover. It holds the best battery life beating Pro 7 with a stunning 13 whole hours of battery backup.

The Surface Pro is the perfect device for frequent travelers and students who can make use of the beautiful battery settings. The pen and keyboard are available to the student at no extra cost, unlike the Pro 7, and it offers the best processing speed out of the others.

 Surface Go 2:

Work From Home

The 2 is also a convertible attached with a pen and detachable keyboard. It is the perfect choice over iPads and Chromebooks with its stunning latest generation configurations. The keyboards are comfortable with an impressive colorful display on a full-on touchpad. The battery is lasting longer than Pro 7 but lesser than Pro X.

The Surface Go is the cheapest device with a well-built configuration, unlike other lineups. The performance of the device is faster than many Surface devices for all the demanding educational apps.

All the above devices are proving very useful for students in getting an interactive and entertaining educational experience. The 24/7 IT Solution services provided by Microsoft assist educational institutions to run a smooth and effective remote learning process.

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