Azure Accelerates Identification Verification and Database Migration

Microsoft Azure’s features and applications can be put to the test by another cybersecurity threat that leaves the user’s identity at risk. The instances of account lock out and password spray attacks are attempting to be resolved by using Azure Active Directory Pass-through authentication. The culprit behind password spray attacks tries to break in through accounts that use generic passwords.  Companies are advised to discourage their employees from using cliché passwords that an attacker could easily guess. Massive amounts of company data can be compromised if the account has been accessed.

The Azure multi-factor authentication functions as a double-edged verification for identity by sending passcodes via phone, confirming codes via alternate email, and checking through another device.

The Azure Active directory is known as a secured identity and access management solution. Risk events in Azure Active Directory signal the potential security breaches occurring in the server.  Doubtful sign-ins are flagged and classified under high, medium, or low risk level. The detection may either be discovered online and offline. Based on Microsoft, the risk events can be any of the following: users with leaked credentials, sign-ins from infected device or from IP addresses with suspicious activity, from unfamiliar locations, or from anonymous IP addresses.

The Privileged Identity Management of Azure Active Directory helps in identifying suspicious access and attempts on accounts by sending notifications and reports to the administrator.

Database Migration

Updates mean increased security. The issues of migration to cloud are now more simplified with the March 2018 update for Azure Database migration service.  Users can expect a more comprehensible walkthrough in setting it up, from building instances of Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, to monitoring via Azure Database Migration Service.

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