Adapting Microsoft Tools to Empower Remote Employees Work Securely

Change is an inevitable constant. Businesses are changing, and so is the environment. If you want to hear how the environment has changed drastically over the last few months, ponder how your thoughts have changed after March regarding work from home. 

The remote work used to be the right choice if you needed it or had some extra stuff done over the weekend, or perhaps an odd day under the weather. None ever expected that it would be a critical factor in our long-term success to master every nuance of working from home in such an environment. 

Nobody will ever forget the difficulties that COVID-19 brought on humanity, coupled with the unpreparedness to deal with such a catastrophe.  

We have probably seen all the problems from the industry emerging amidst the pandemic. Therefore, computer solutions east partners with businesses worldwide and provide necessary IT solutions to empower employees remotely. 

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The experts at CSE are providing managed IT services in USA for over a decade, working relentlessly to ensure your organization’s stability. This means enabling top-notch process engineering to provide quality and efficient network security. 

To allow your users to operate from anywhere, irrespective of the industry in which you reside, it takes a degree of trust and control over how users access information through device endpoints and networks.  

A range of Microsoft services and solutions remains available for business providing work from home to employees. Leverage the remote assistance support, allowing your remote the benefits of the following: 

  • Get the new Windows Virtual Desktop management experience to rapidly supply and control remote desktops and applications and future Microsoft team support.
  • Offer your team with a single device and access management control plan with the Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Azure Active Directory. This ensures that all corporate resource link endpoints are protected.
  • Empower your key decision-makers working remotely with the opportunity to understand how the company functions and to make proactive changes to the Microsoft Efficiency Ranking.

Windows Virtual Desktop for Remote Work 

Time and again, we have offered our clients the opportunity to virtualize desktop and applications to enable their remote staff on any computer. 

Thanks to the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop services that utilize Azure’s global footprint and network scale that provides you the power to enable a stable remote application or desktop experience for your team. 

Offering a secured remote work to your team is now more comfortable with a range of Microsoft solutions provided by Computer Solutions East as a part of managed IT services in USA. 

Updated management experience: Faster starts with the latest management experience deeply incorporated into the Azure Portal with Windows Virtual Desktop. You can build host pools, manage apps or desktops, and delegate users from the Azure Portal. By integrating with Azure Automation and Azure Logic Software, the CSE experts can enhance the auto-scaling experience. 

Enforcement and Security: Remote work environment will need the Windows Virtual Desktop, which is now available worldwide. The users can also choose where to store service information that can address regulation and compliance requirements. Along with CSE, Microsoft can provide the release support for service databases spread through Azure regions for data residence regulatory and compliance requirements.  

The productivity score preview 

It is time to boost the employees and ramp their productivity while working remotely. Staying active on many levels in this modern remote environment focused on work can be difficult. Employees use new technologies to work, meet, and connect as they need to do safely everywhere. This includes a transparent and reliable technical background.  

As an IT Pro, you are responsible for both – the employee and the technology experience. Enabling productivity score helps clear the way your company operates, insights into enhancing productivity, and advice available in Microsoft 365 to address challenges and make useful improvements. 

Enabling the productivity score is an analytical solution available in modern times that tests employee and technology knowledge against predefined metrics of the company’s objectives.  

These priorities are versatile and personal within the business framework, making it a crucial tool to optimize enterprise IT investments. As the businesses start with the onsite work, adapting to the new work styles and demands will be critical to business continuity success. 

  • Unlock the cloud’s true potential with simplified and effortless content collaboration by empowering your team with the Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint; it allows team members to read, edit, collaborate and share content instantly. 
  • Tapping in the mobile technology lets you see how your workers operate from every computer, anywhere on the internet, mobile and desktop versions of emails, documents, and Microsoft Teams. 
  • Leverage the power of communications with yammer, chats, and teams that are designed to support remote work without affecting productivity. 

The recent Microsoft Ignite event also discussed how critical it is to ensure team productivity amidst the work from home environment. Today, there is a massive requirement for businesses to add insights into how endpoints and your network relate to your corporate productivity. Another aspect is network accessibility that can resolve the network security bottlenecks hindering access to essential workloads. For this, businesses can enable remote work services that include Swap Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft teams. 


The experts at Computer Solutions East comprehends the crucial time that the industry is going through. It is a pledge we take to ensure that your sensitive business data stays safe and handled securely. The end goal is to remain committed to innovating to simplify your job and help you better serve your customers. 


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