Data Security by the Numbers: How a Smarter Approach Saves Time and Money

It’s widespread for businesses to weigh money invested against money saved and drive an efficient investment return. One thing in common is the most effective cost-saving data protection technologies involved in implementing cloud computing, the costs that come with them. Therefore, business leaders who are pursuing reform must ensure that their tools keep their money or prestige from trouble without putting an unnecessary strain on their work. 

This is where value evidence is necessary — and where the latest Forrester Consulting and IBM Total Economic Impact (TEI) studies can be useful for companies that consider smart data protection investments. 

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The data breach has led to losses averaging $3.86 million. It’s a staggering figure and an improvement over last year. This year is described as the decade when costs keep spiraling out of control—or when security leaders finally handle it. 

There are several reasons to reduce these costs. Avoiding breaches means avoiding negative coverage, retaining a positive brand identity, keeping consumers happy, and maintaining confidence. It’s good company! Anyone from ordinary customers to coveted Fortune 100 company, however, it is just part of the equation. 

In some instances, business leaders enforce best practices. Many regulations today focus on protecting data protection, security, and integrity. The numbers keep increasing when accounted for annually as any failed audit enforcement will cost a company over $15 million for a single security breach offense. 

Too few have found a magic bullet to comply with industry legislation, prevent expensive abuses, and implement data protection and privacy with data managed security services. 

Security Investments and Savings 

Smarter data protection investments do more than just secure data security and privacy. They will save millions of dollars in costs related to the violation or failed audit per year. In this context, the right solutions are not just online tools but involve hiring cloud-managed service providers. 

However, to keep a tap on anything that can wrong with your results, enterprises would need tools that can cut through key areas. Alternative cloud computing managed service providers are nuanced with the disjointed point tools that provide considerable time and effort from your resource-strapped team. 

References, case studies, and peer reviews can be of great help if security buyers consider purchasing a technology. TEI studies provide a credible method for prospective customers, using feedback from clients who regularly use the same tools to protect their cybersecurity return on investments. 

ROI-Driven Smarter Data Security 

One of the IBM-sponsored study conducted by Forrester Consulting involved identifying the customers and how they chose to learn how data security specialists use the platform, how the platform maintains security in its database environment, and how customers can achieve simple and fast regulatory enforcement. 

A few participating clients worked in energy and infrastructure, having 30,000+ employees with annual sales exceeding $22 billion. These enterprises leverage modern cloud security systems to drive data security and save expenses from data breaches. Such losses often come up as penalties, hurt brand image, and lose potential and current customers. Taking timely measures for smarter data security includes hiring experts for cloud computing—which runs on 200 servers that track many petabytes of data. 

Appraising a Data Security Investment 

Centralization CSETo get to the root of how Forrester achieved these figures, we need to delve deeper into how they measured the client’s IBM Security Guardium TEI. Any client can repurpose this same evaluation form to handle what their expected ROI will be for a similar investment. 

This customer saw improvements in database analysis automation, audit efficiencies, database security, and enforcement capacity. To assess the advantages against these parameters, Forrester investigated what the client had encountered before investing and compared the situation afterward. 

To get to the root of how Forrester achieved these figures, we need to delve deeper into how they measured the client’s IBM Security Guardium TEI. Any client can repurpose this same evaluation form to handle what their expected ROI will be for a similar investment. 

These numbers indicate that customers have improved automation of database analyses, audit effectiveness, database security, and enforcement. Upon assessing the advantages against these parameters, the research suggested how security investments paid off by comparing the clients’ losses before the investments. 

Project Your Own Data Security TEI 

Enterprises can apply Forrester’s methodology by downloading the study itself. It’s chock-full of explanations of how to calculate your cybersecurity ROI and ways to leverage hybrid cloud service providers. Many clients across the globe can utilize TEI analysis as a cost-benefit analysis. Preparing for the next investment in data protection means reducing process data breach costs. 


Computer Solutions East has been empowering enterprises to achieve ROI that is at par with the industry standards. We have tapped in to create a difference amongst the organization by offering them robust cloud security intended to optimize cost centers and enable businesses to make smart decisions. 


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