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There are plenty of sources available to get information security services. However, when you opt-in for services from small-scale providers, you may lack the required capabilities. Moreover, large firms are easy to get constrained by capacity.

As a result, you may have to face problems regarding the maintenance of business applications. Also, when you do not have a better option, the maintenance of your infrastructure with a secure and high-performing state and in compilation with regulations becomes hard.

Therefore, to make this process hassle-free for you, Computer Solutions East provides you with an extended range of business technology services. We provide global and scalable capabilities with our IT services.

Moreover, we also add the presence of a local market, specialization in industry, and environmental knowledge in our services as well. CSE is your one-stop solution for IT infrastructure services, data management, analytics, application, integration, and testing.

How can we help you?

At CSE, our business technology services focus on the areas that matter the most for your technology executives and business. With the help of highly personalized functionality, we help you to stand out from your competitors.

We use your information in a better way, simplify your IT management, keep numerous systems working at once, and assign multiple functions to provide you with high performance. Here is a list of services that we offer:

Cloud Services

We provide specialized cloud services and solutions to help you grow your business. We have partnered with multi-national vendors such as CISCO and Microsoft to make sure that you get the most-prominent cloud services. We provide custom solutions, customer engagement, productivity & innovation, a new ecosystem, and predictable costing with our unparalleled cloud services.

Managed IT Services

When you get IT services from Computer Solutions East, you can enjoy several benefits that allow you to boost your operational efficiencies. Our IT services provide you a 24/7 monitoring to offer you peace of mind. Moreover, we assure you of lower downtimes and quick fixes of problems. With our IT management services, you can make sure that your business is free from upgrading technology costs.

Cloud Phone Services

To ensure utterly effortless communication with your customers, our professional cloud phone system services are a perfect match for you. We assure you several benefits such as savings on server purchase cost, 24/7 assistance, timely upgrades, and exceptional security in communication. When you choose cloud phone system services by Computer Solutions East, you can save both your valuable time and money with easy phone system management in a secure system of servers.

Dynamic 365

With Computer Solutions East, you can enjoy the true potential of Dynamic 365. With us, you can explore the various benefits of Dynamic 365, such as social media reporting, excellent customer experience, mobile CRM, and process automation. With Dynamic 365, you can create a long-lasting relationship with your customers by streamlining the flow of data. By choosing CSE, you can safeguard great satisfaction for your customers.

Networking Services

By making use of the network as a service, your company can enhance network infrastructure to get better performance. Exclusively for your business, Computer Solutions East provides you highly reliable system, timely maintenance, cost-effective network solutions, and easily scalable & customizable managed network services. Network engineers at CSE can help you run your IT company efficiently by smartly managing all your networks.

Application Development

With a par level expertise of CSE in application development & maintenance, you can make your business applications highly innovative. We provide strategically crafted application development services that provide your business with the required speed and agility. By choosing Computer Solutions East, you can enjoy end-to-end development, greater customization, regular maintenance, and expertise in the industry.

Staff Augmentation

Computer Solutions East helps you with your team extension by integrating our well-researched resources in your business workflow. We make sure that your hiring process is highly efficient and caters to the needs of your business. We always ensure that our standards of hiring provide you with a specialized team, quality talent, collaborative recruitment, and hiring based on skills.

Power BI

With Computer Solutions East, you can get top-notch business intelligence services that allow you to make decisions backed by data. Data-driven businesses can make use of the high potential of Power BI by following the decision-making principles. With us, you can meet experienced BI analysts, get reliable data, and power BI training.

We provide you with highly cost-effective and leading solutions regarding the IT infrastructure of your organization, Offering our excellent service to our clients with a completely new experience.

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