Dynamics 365 Brings Updates This Spring

Back in the Microsoft Inspire 2017, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella repeatedly mentioned the digital transformation of business through Dynamics 365. More than one year since its launch, it has been living up to its promise of digital transformation in different industries by launching updates that trim down processes via sourcing out third platforms to execute marketing strategies (ex. sending out newsletters and posting various content).

Microsoft has released an electronic journal titled “Dynamics 365: Spring ’18 Release Notes The Next Step in Your Digital Transformation”, containing the details of the multitude of updates of the external and internal tools that they have added.

Slated to be out in the spring of 2018, Microsoft will launch another big update for Dynamics 365 involving its marketing and sale respective automation tools.

Microsoft always sticks to the concept of a customer’s journey in illustrating the suggested marketing tactics to be employed. To respond to the structure of the customer’s journey, according to Microsoft, they have appended in this marketing automation tool:  page designer and in-browser for content creation; portals and webinars for event management; lead management, and analytics for marketing insights.

The marketing automation tool of Dynamics 365 carries different marketing tactics that have been proven effective and stood the test of time. But this time, it was designed to carry copious masses of e-mail, easier creation of form and conducting surveys, tracking leads, measuring analytics, and time-saver and ready-made templates for campaigns.

The sales professional automation tool embeds both Office 365 and LinkedIn Sales navigator to monitor the relationships created and follow through with the customers you have recently connected with. Compared to Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise, Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional is a more affordable package made for small to medium businesses.

Still priced at $40.00, Dynamics 365 is both a customer relationship management tool and an enterprise resource planning tool.

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