Ready To Work From Anywhere With Office 365? Bring Your Ideas To Life Wherever You Are

Ever thought of collaborating while on the move? Get the world at your fingertips and work from anywhere with Office 365 mobile apps. Whether you’re at a local cafe, picking up your kids from school, or simply commuting to work. The cloud approach allows you to get real-time access to documents and slides.

Studies show that employees are increasingly using their mobile devices for more than personal use.

66% of employees use personal devices for work purposes

87% of companies rely on their employees using their own devices to access business apps

67% of workers already use their tools in the workplace according to Microsoft 

Let’s analyze all that is needed to begin

With Microsoft Office 365 mobile apps, users will be able to see, manage, and create documents. These apps also integrate with OneDrive & SharePoint.

All Office 365 plans allow you to view documents using the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote apps for iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices and will enable you to utilize your most loved Office applications in a hurry, and even offline.


  • Access, manage, and edit documents – The Office 365 mobile apps allow users to access, manage and edit their documents wherever they want and whichever mobile device they are using.

  • Integration with OneDrive and SharePoint – Microsoft Office 365 mobile apps integrate with Microsoft’s file-sharing and storage products & services, which include OneDrive and SharePoint.

  • Connected with everyone – You can have control over all the tasks and activities and keep your co-workers connected and updated while your teammates work on the shared data.

  • Mobile data security – Microsoft Office 365 mobile suite ensures that information and data are protected even if they are not being communicated through email.

  • MS Word docs – Its word processing mobile app allows users to use the page, design, and formatting option found in Microsoft Word.

  • Office 365 Excel – Microsoft Office 365 provides a mobile spreadsheet app where users can work on their data using Microsoft Excel.

  • Mail and Calendar apps (Outlook) – The Mail and Calendar apps will assist you to stay up to date on your email, manage your scheduled meeting, and stay in touch with people. 

Office 365 is designed for the way people work today, at anywhere, and anytime, allowing them to stay connected with team members and be productive no matter where they are. This gives your employees greater flexibility in how they get their work complete.

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