Drive the Future of mobility with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a merger of two primary applications: Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning. The two variations of Microsoft Dynamics 365, namely business and enterprise, have unique features and applications. The productivity applications and artificial intelligence tools are also essential parts of this basic Microsoft application.

Microsoft 365 has useful links with all the Microsoft applications. It has better integration with the sister products than most of the CRM operations. The customer will be able to incorporate all the benefits of artificial intelligence through: –

  • Records
  • Transactions
  • Behaviors
  • Preferences

It will also give the information to the customer about: –

  • Orders
  • Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Insight tools for decision-makers.

How can the automotive industry get an edge with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

The automotive sector is also undergoing a digital transformation like other sectors. Autonomous driving ecosystems and Emission-free automobiles are the major concerns of the world. The introduction of artificial intelligence can be a boon for the automotive industry. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides some innovative solutions for the automotive sector so that the earth is green in the Future.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing:-Artificial intelligence is used for complete applications like painting, manufacturing, supply management, etc. The vehicle recall campaigns can be arranged more efficiently. It is saving time as well as resources.
  • Driver Monitoring:-The movement of the driver’s eye can be traced with the help of AI-powered cameras installed inside the cars. There will be visual and attentive messages to make the driver aware of any unfavorable condition. The application of brakes is even responded to by the driver monitoring systems. It is the Future of mobility.
  • ADAS Systems:-This system will gradually decrease the human effort while riding a car. The journey will be more safe and convenient. Collision mitigation systems, lane keep assist, cruise control are some of the functions of this system.
  • Telematics for traffic:-The artificial intelligence can check the real-time congestion on the roads. Even the forecast of the upcoming traffic situation in that particular road can be predicted by artificial intelligence. One can quickly drive on the road without a guide. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will take of the entire journey.
  • Vehicle autonomy:-Making an estimation of around 4TB per hour, much data is produced for running autonomous vehicles. Only artificial intelligence has the potential to manage such data with real-time applications. Autonomous driving is the next big thing in the world of transportation engineering. Hence there is a broad scope of artificial intelligence in the automotive sector.

Some of the artificial intelligence-based products of Microsoft Dynamics 365:-

  1. Azure Data and artificial intelligence: Cloud computing and machine learning features make work easy. An in-depth learning feature has been included for making any prediction of the business. Azure bots can perform an equal level of work without human interference. Several autonomous systems have been designed for performing the daily or regular activities within the business process.
  2. Virtual Assistant: It can interpret human speech and respond in a computerized way. The virtual assistant is mechanized to perform tasks and services using artificial intelligence. The automatic chat program is an example. The demand for a virtual assistant is increasing amount among multi-national companies. Hence the market of a virtual assistant is vast and lucrative.
  3. Dynamic365 Automotive Accelerator: It gives innovative solutions regarding the development of test drives and vehicle specifications. There are many other applications of this powerful tool, namely:-
  • Vehicle and equipment management
  • Customer portal engagement
  • Native CDM Support
  • Marketing automation
  • Pre-built entries and forms using Sample App
  • Service appointment scheduling solutions
  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer ServiceCustomer service is the key to the client’s heart. The customer can easily share any thoughts or doubts with the Microsoft team by connecting through the customer service portal.
  • Tracking the cases of customers
  • Recording of all the interactions
  • Participating in the chats
  • Managing conversations across channels
  1. Mixed Reality Hololens: Augmented Reality Solutions is the primary mechanism behind Hololen’s technology. The digital information is portrayed with the help of holograms. Hologram means features that use light and sound. When commands are given, the holograms respond to them and connect the digital world with reality. It uses artificial intelligence.
  2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: Dynamics 365 for Sales is a business application that focuses on sales automation and business forecasting. The salespeople will be able to maintain good relations with the new and existing clients in a better manner. This application analyzes the entire process. Collection, management, and analysis of the diversified data become most accurate.
  3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and operations: Medium and large organizations can perform resource planning on this software. All the essential processes of various departments can be achieved. Dynamics 365 for Finance can handle and organize operations like:
  • Purchasing and sales
  • Logistics
  • Production
  • Projects
  • Finance
  • Customer service
  • Company administration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution offers you all possible resources required for including flexibility in the automotive industry. With more involvement in artificial intelligence, the work will be more accurate. Whether it is client management or vehicular design criteria, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will offer the best possible solution for a profitable business in the automotive sector. Your organization will work faster, make progress, function properly, and grow earlier than your competitors.


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