Enabling Business Transformation Using Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform have had a breakthrough year. Across industries and geographies, businesses are adopting dynamics 365 managed services to accelerate impact, remove barriers, adapt to a quickly changing environment, and develop across their organization. As a result, Dynamics 365 continues to expand rapidly, with a 45 percent increase in revenue in Q3. 

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Additionally, dynamics 365 managed services establish themselves as the next-generation business processes and productivity suite for domain experts across all functions. Nearly 16 million monthly active users, up 97% year over year, demonstrate how anyone can automate a workflow, construct an app, create a virtual agent, or analyze data using Microsoft Power Platform services. It will change productivity gains for domain experts in the same way that Office did for knowledge workers. 

We have seen how businesses can adapt quickly to shifting circumstances, and we have witnessed them achieve great heights. At the end of the day, though, it’s the people within an organization that determine whether it can meet the problems it faces. So we’re going to invest strongly in the people that bring dynamics 365 managed services and Microsoft Platform to life for our clients because that’s what it takes to make this happen. 

We are searching for new teammates motivated to help firms become more successful by using modern methods. Please look at our Business Software careers site for the exciting new opportunities we’re helping to empower the globe with. 

Taking on the challenge of a new reality

We’ve seen numerous examples of adaptability, resilience, and creativity during the last year. We presented several of them at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit early last month, and new features and capabilities were included in the 2021 release. 

For example, using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and HoloLens 2, the beauty giant L’Oréal built a new solution for installing, upgrading, troubleshooting, and auditing complicated machinery during the implementation of global travel restrictions. Not only does this solution bring experts into the room without physically requiring them on-site, but it also assists them in meeting their long-term sustainability and carbon reduction goals. 

Many businesses employed Dynamics 365 consultants and Microsoft Teams in retail to maintain contact with consumers and give a consistent customer experience as they closed locations and eventually added curbs and pickup alternatives. And consumer products manufacturers are using dynamics 365 managed services with insights to unite its fragmented data landscape, enabling them to enable end-to-end customer journeys throughout the organization faster and wiser than ever before. 

Additionally, we are seeing tremendous outcomes from dynamics 365 managed services using Microsoft Power Platform, with Walgreens Boots Alliance cutting in-store audit times by 75% by empowering frontline employees with Microsoft Teams and the Asset Protection mobile app, which was created using Power Apps. Furthermore, Walgreens claims that by leveraging Power Apps and the complete Microsoft Power Platform portfolio, they were able to shorten the time required to market a new app by 50% to 80% — getting essential solutions in the hands of employees faster. 

Be a part of this expanding Business

We’re continuing to invest in Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform through ongoing product innovation, new partner skill development and certification programs, a new Dynamics 365 managed services community experience, and, of course, people. 

With the ongoing evolution of technology trends, current business structures, and the rate at which the rest of the world moves, businesses should begin focusing on creating exceptional client experiences while overcoming some of the obstacles they encounter along the road. With Microsoft dynamics 365 CRM consulting and enhanced solutions, tools, and capabilities, businesses can accelerate their digital transformations and revolutionize their industries. 

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