More CIE Trainers Onboard CSE – More Hands to a Smooth Customer Cloud Walkthrough

Technical Services Manager Eric Fuentes, Sales Manager Victor Sai, and Operations Manager Gerald Villanueva, delegates of Computer Solutions East Inc. (CSE), attended Microsoft’s Customer Immersion Experience training held at the New York Microsoft Technology Center, 7th Floor, 11 Times Square, New York, USA, on September 26-29, 2017.

Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience is a simulation of real-life business operational problems and how to solve them using Microsoft products.

Fresh from the event, Fuentes and Villanueva commented on their Customer Immersion Experience.

“CIE is where you understand how to effectively sell the product without directly telling them to buy the product,” Fuentes emphasized. Villanueva discerned it as “a training that enables a person to sell by convincing the customer to use the product.”

Contrary to their expectations that it would be a typical training with slide presentations that heavily use technical jargons and statistics, it was instinctively facilitated with a free-flowing manner through the laying out of concepts by Mr. Mike O’Neill from BrainStorm, Inc.  Villanueva viewed it as an opportunity to translate the complex language into layman’s terms for customers.

The integration of real-life instances gives a more personal touch throughout the training since it was relatable, and the necessity for the product was subtly ingrained.  “The training mainly focused on letting the customer drive the conversation and letting them find out the answer themselves. Oftentimes, you really have to give real-life experiences that they can easily relate to and how the product would have played its part in the story,” Villanueva explained.

They believe that CIE could change the platform towards gaining optimum business productivity by concentrating on customer engagement and the assimilation of Microsoft products in every situation in the office.

Fuentes identified the importance of practice after the training to have a well-rounded grasp and execution of post-CIE.  “It has been a wholistic journey for our delegates, with the stories that have been shared with them by the facilitators, as well as, it touched on all aspects of the personality of the attendees.”  Thus, they would love to recommend this to be experienced firsthand by their colleagues.

Their gain and insights from the four-day training were more than worth it for equipping them with effective client engagement methodology. The focus on immersion was emphasized, as this is the key to recognizing Microsoft products’ importance.  It has equipped them with practical lessons that they could easily execute to the clients.

“CIE prepares CSE to become more successful in the coming days; this training lets you feel and relate to the experiences of one’s business and be able to provide that help to make things easier for them,” Villanueva asserted.

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