Computer Solutions East ranks 55th in CRN 150 for 2020

We are thrilled to get featured in The Channel Company® Fast Growth 150 list for 2020. This list is the one that recognizes the fastest-growing technology integrators, IT consultants, and solution providers in North America. The critical factor here is the substantial growth and performance of the company. Perhaps our team takes immense achievement based on the understanding between the years 2017 – 2019. During these years, the growth rate of our business stood at 79.57%, which itself demonstrates our experience and commitment towards delivering excellent services.

Often businesses need such validation from media and other partners in the ecosystem that assures us that we are in the right direction. Our Sr. Managing Partner Luke Celente expressed his delight by saying, “Who doesn’t like when hard work pays off? It’s a big boost to the team, and people love working with a company that grows fast. Such recognition, especially coming from the CRN, has a huge impact on the team morale and great nod to the last couple of years.”

Being a Microsoft partner for over a decade now, we have delivered excellence to businesses worldwide. Most of these businesses were in dire need of quality IT solutions when they approached Computer Solutions East. Our multiple offices USA, India, and the Philippines would mean ensuring round-the-clock expert assistance with a minimum of downtime. CSE’s array of services includes quality IT services for cloud, managed IT services, expert Dynamics 365 services, and many more.

Customers can expect quality output efficiently with CSE as we have demonstrated expertise in leveraging technology. The CRN recognition that places us in the 55th position is also useful to gauge our plans as we strive to top the list in the coming years. For this, we will be refining our services to help businesses in a better way. This includes venturing out in IT benefits of application development for Cloud, IaaS, SaaS, etc. The idea is to be the one-stop-shop for businesses looking for a comprehensive IT service, which means pivoting customized solutions.

Luke Celente also notes that the “real reason behind the success of Computer Solutions East is the talent we nurture coupled with the technology offered to ensure completing the tasks smoothly.” This is why we have a team of Microsoft certified experts in-house across three locations that ensure round the clock network vigilance and security services. There’s a certain growth story behind our 55th position that the CRN 150 for 2020 has offered. It has to do with the industry we cater to and the technology offerings to simplify business functions.

There’s another thing about growth, mainly when one gets featured by the coveted CRN 150 list, innovation. This is why our team continually strives for innovation in technology that can offer simplified business solutions. For instance, getting our disaster recovery solutions will enable your business to leverage the Microsoft innovations in Azure IaaS, O365 backup, Skykick backup, and many more. For this, Luke Celente credits Microsoft and says, “It is with their support that enables CSE to help businesses evolve meaningfully using the right tools. The recognition by CRN is another testament to how growth is perennial to customer service and innovation.”

We are celebrating this small achievement to improve ourselves in the right direction further and ensure faster growth in the coming years. With time, the technology will improve, and teams will upgrade itself to new standards. More and more businesses are now needing the experienced IT service provider, and we are committed to standing right to our DNA – offering you the partner you deserve for growth.

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