Enabling Cloud Resiliency by Implementing Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager allows you to deploy your application frequently while maintaining trust in the consistency of your resources. You describe your application’s infrastructure and dependencies in a single declarative framework enabled by Azure cloud services providers. Microsoft recently announced the preview of the Azure Cloud Services (Extended Support) platform, which is a modern ARM-based model for Azure Cloud Service deployments. Cloud Services have geographic resiliency and overall feature parity with Azure cloud services deployed using Azure Service Manager (ASM). It also supports role-based access and control (RBAC) and supporting tags, rules, and deployment models. 

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Extended support allows consumers to switch from ASM to ARM. Another choice is for customers to deploy the Azure Resource Manager tools and remove them from ASM immediately after thorough validation. The second solution is to deal with migrating Cloud Services (classic) to ARM, and it will be achieved with minimal to no downtime. The Azure Cloud Services (extended support) can be made available by the cloud solution provider while anticipating the actual re-deployment of Azure Cloud Services later. Currently, the ASM-based Cloud Services deployment model (Cloud Services) will remain discontinued.  

Customers can develop and launch new web and cloud services quickly if the cloud service providers are handling the Azure. Customers can scale and manage cloud services using existing demand and ensuring that efficiency can keep up while reducing costs. 

Major updates for the Deployment Models

None of the services need to be modified to use Azure cloud support services (extended support). The code does not require any changes. However, one needs to update ARM-based deployment scripts. The main differences between cloud services (Classic) and cloud services (Extended Support) are as follows: 

  • Users can opt to leverage the Azure Key Vault in Cloud Services as it helps secure and manage application keys over a centralized cloud repository. Applications will authenticate to Key Vault by sending credentials at run time. 
  • Businesses can also enable ARM deployments that use an ARM template describing the project’s infrastructure and configuration of the operating system. 
  • The suggested template incorporates a declarative structure that provides customers with various ways to define their requirements without programming commands to construct them. The configuration and service description files must align with the ARM template and be compatible with deploying Cloud Services (extended support). The target can be reached either by manually constructing an ARM template or using the technologies mentioned above. 
  • Finally, the deployment model will involve expanding on the Main Vault documentation. In such a case, users need to virtual network before deploying a resource via the Azure Resource Manager provided by the ARM. Digital networking and subnetting in ARM are done through existing ARM APIs and stored in a config schema.  

ARM Migration: Azure services with Added Security 

Security is a key component of any cloud service. The Azure Resource Manager includes a slew of capabilities that enable companies to manage distributed applications effectively utilizing role-based access control (RBAC) or OAUTH authentication. Customers will want to investigate the opportunity of taking advantage of additional Azure services by taking advantage of virtual machine scale sets, application service, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Service Fabric.  

These applications will have new features, while simple applications will continue to share feature parity with the Cloud applications. 

The problem with big cloud computing is that they frequently need several administrators with specific expertise, such as a cloud networking specialist, a database administrator, and an application owner. Azure Resource Manager implements granular access control, giving certain users the authority to modify specified workloads. All activities are automatically recorded, ensuring that each activity, event, and user has its audit trail. 

Rather than putting together resources individually, resource groups enable administrators to construct cloud instances for specific use cases. This increases the possibility for automation and, therefore, can result in faster and easier Azure deployments. 

A group’s resources must have the same lifespan and be deployed, updated, and removed in unison. At any time, resources can be added, relocated, or deleted. 

In most cases, switching to the Cloud Services platform would require much less effort than other alternatives. If the application is not changing, ICT to the cloud could be a safer choice to consider. Conversely, if the application is continually evolving and needs a more modern feature set, explore other Azure resources to meet better current and future requirements enabled by the managed cloud service provider. 

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Key Takeaway 

Azure Resource Manager is an excellent solution for centralizing administration, creating templates, securing your environment, performing operations, monitoring, and aiding and troubleshooting. By integrating all the critical elements of the application service lifecycle into a single platform, Microsoft has made a move to the public cloud simple for businesses, developers, and IT professionals with the help of Azure cloud services. 

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