Microsoft Skype for Business End of Life Announcement

Microsoft revealed the end of life for Skype for Business Online back in July of 2019. Microsoft will fully switch off Skype for Business Online on July 21, 2021. Unlike the end-of-life Windows 7, Microsoft does not provide extended support updates this time around. Microsoft recommends instead that customers of Skype for Business Online upgrade to Microsoft Teams. About why? Teams now endorse all of the online functionality of Skype for Business: texting, meetings, and calling.

If you do not take any action at all, what will happen? It is important to remember that not all the tenant’s Skype for Business users be automatically switched to Microsoft Teams.

For companies, Microsoft currently does not provide a scheduled update, except for smaller customers that may not have devoted IT resources. Instead, Microsoft provides detailed advice and tools for customers who want to update their Skype for Business users to teams.

Businesses are encouraged to begin the migration to teams with less than a year left before the deadline, while you still have some time left.

2021 is the year that Microsoft no longer allows Skype for Business online. Moreover, Skype for Business Servers will not be given any new functionality.

Although people were stuck at home for most of the time last year, we witnessed hundreds of Skype’s replacement advertisements that urged corporates to take their communication to Teams.

· Microsoft suggests teams for organizations that take advantage of the core functions of Skype for Business.

· Direct Routing teams for organizations that have on-site voice integrated via on-site SBC / carrier trunks.

Microsoft suggests teams for organizations that take advantage of the core functions of Skype for Business and Direct Routing teams for organizations that have on-site voice integrated via on-site SBC / carrier trunks.

Suggested Next Steps for Skype For Business Users End of Life

1. Check out the online Teams Upgrade system

a. It is crucial to understand that no automatic upgrade path is available. As if it were a new tenant, you would need to set up teams and then work out how to transport things to teams over time, even if they are trying to make it sound prescriptive.

2. Consider if, as your business is transitioning, you need resources to co-exist. Depending on your choices, these modes combine meetings and chat and switch users from one client to another.

a. Most experts from Microsoft advocate taking off the Band-Aid and diving straight in.

3. Determine when you would like to incorporate Microsoft Teams with your communication/voice network.

a. If you have a voice solution with Skype already incorporated, start doing your due diligence on Teams Direct Routing pricing models and analyze Teams phone systems for users who need a handset

Onboard an Expert Microsoft Teams: How CSE can help?

Enable robust enterprise communication with CSE as our experts assist you to switch to Microsoft Teams seamlessly. Our work-from-anywhere network, IP Workspaces, combine voice communications teams with Cisco. It is direct routing integrated into the world’s #1 VoIP business solution.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have hundreds of accredited MSFT technologists to ensure that the transition is smooth. Our team also provide best practices for Microsoft 365 licensing and ‘clean-up’ if you have adopted teams on the fly due to COVID.

Quick note: Skype online business support ends in July 2021. Until October 14, 2025, Skype for Business Server 2019 will receive support but no new functionality

Computer Solutions East provides its clients a two-year runway, and it may sound like a long one, but large corporations are still moving slowly, so now is the time to start. MS Teams can give so much value to your end-user

We highly encourage you to begin to prepare and work with us now, not just because Skype is coming to an end but also because teams can bring so much more to your organization. Start inspiring the users earlier rather than later by offering them worldwide intelligent contact.

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