Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella launched good news about the development of their products during Microsoft Ignite, a conference attended by IT professionals and other IT businessmen, on September 25-29, 2017, at Orlando, Florida, USA.

Nadella reiterated the importance of the “three timeless values: empower people, inclusive design, and build trust in technology” that are the foundation of these intelligent business solutions.

Microsoft 365 comes in new bundles namely, Education and F1. F1 is branded as the Microsoft 365 for frontline workers, those who are directly speaking to the customers. They are the sales team and the customer representatives. A sense of community is the goal for Microsoft 365 F1 since the heart of sales is the connection with the customers.   In F1, Microsoft StaffHub is more empowered because it is designed for employees to manage their work, time management, schedules, communication with colleagues, and where swapping shifts is made easy.  The embedded security with support feature of Microsoft 365 is FastTrack. Strengthening the customer’s assurance of protection has been solidified once more through this solution.

In Microsoft Ignite, they have reassured the audience that the focus of improvements in Azure is the need of the customers. The point-to-point solutions of Azure such as Azure Stack where another application can be built and installed.  Azure Reserved Instances(RI) are regraded to have its bestselling value with huge Volume Machine capacity.

Microsoft 365 and Azure are continuously innovating to bring more value to the customers with less cost but bigger value in terms of continual upgrades.

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