Keep Your Applications Running During Planned and Unplanned Outages with Azure Active Directory

90% of organizations will use Microsoft Azure Active Directory for identity management and access control by 2020.

AAD or Azure Active Directory is a product by Microsoft and is a cloud-based solution that gives users a great set of functionalities. This can then be used for configurations, and anything related to identity solutions if you need to move your organization’s identity into the cloud, which is essential if you need to maintain the Software as a Service application.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory - CSE

Azure Active Directory is Microsoft’s multi-tenant service, which provides these capabilities for running the applications in the cloud environment. It needs to be understood that Azure Active Directory and Windows Server Active Directory are two very diverse sets of applications, each with their applications.

If your company has an on-premise directory, users would then be synced with this application, and then they would be able to confirm against Windows Server AD when they want to access the cloud applications and the related sources. Users would be able to validate using both the credentials very quickly. Therefore, Microsoft Azure Active Directory access control is essentially very secure and easy to use.

Benefits of Azure Active Directory

Some of the advantageous benefits provided by Microsoft Azure Active Directory are as follows,

Increasingly accessible

Azure Active Directory is increasingly available because of its proven architecture design that is present across 28 data centers all over the world. The software’s cloud-based identity and access management service are unmatched and among the best in class. The entire architecture constitutes three of the primary building blocks that provide scalability and connectivity. These three components mainly include

  • Active Primary – Where the data are written took place and copied over to multiple data centers.
  • Passive Primary – Data writing gets duplicated from Active Primary, and this can act like one as well.
  • Secondary Replica – Data reading happens here, and even these are located across multiple data centers

Simple Access: Accessing applications across the cloud is very supportive when you have Azure Active Directory. Three of the vital things that are involved in this respect include,

  • Single Sign-On – Cloud application services and SaaS provides a unique sign-on capability. You can even attain single sign-on capabilities for on-premise applications using the various authentication processes.
  • Proxying via applications – Using application proxy, you can essentially realize the publishing of on-premise applications with remote access. You do not need to change your existing network or use any Virtual Private Network. Everything can be done via the SaaS application over the internet.
  • Panel Access – You can choose panel access for your homepage, and all your applications would be present over there — account Management, among multiple other features it provides.
  • Protected Access – Security is top of the line when it comes to cloud access, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory provides the same. Some of the essential factors concerning the protection that is provided are as follows,
  • Multi-factor authentication – AAD would add a two-step verification process for security purposes, which forms an added security layer whenever users sign in. The application provides 99.99% security in terms of scalability and reliability.
  • Restrictive Access – One of the primary features that are provided by the Azure Active Directory would be restrictive access. This is present to give additional control based on network, applications, user roles, and risk levels experienced during sign-in.

Computer Solutions East provides cloud services with respect to Microsoft Azure Active Directory apart from other cloud-based solutions and other advanced networking solutions. The Company offers AAD Solutions for computing, storage, networking, and other application services that ensure an unparalleled focus for building transparent solutions. Companies need not worry about increasing infrastructure with CSE present, as they would provide solutions that are beneficial for all.

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