The Next Generation Suite of Intelligent Cloud-Based Business Applications for Project-Driven Organizations.

The novel Coronavirus crisis has put a pause button on the world with seemingly no movement of anything on the streets of almost all countries. The world has been temporarily shut down to avoid further deterioration of living beings. Shocking events with countless fatalities in the past few months have enlightened people to stay put until the situation is under control. The worrisome factor in these lockdown situations is the rapid downfall of every country’s economy, which may lead to another catastrophe. Technology is the Modern IT Solution that can gently restore the living conditions of people around the globe.

The digital transformation that was slowly happening on a sidewalk has fast-paced in the ongoing situation for every industry. Remote working, video conferencing, and online learning are the widely popular trends that have got every organization back on track. Work from home and digital education has been the new normal for the past few months in many countries. The uncertainty of reopening every institution has welcomed temporary alternatives to survive the unfortunate circumstances. Turning to innovative and ultra-modern technology has enhanced the productivity, security, and efficiency of the organizations.

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Microsoft has been leading the race in providing the new-age applications to every organization regardless of size. There are universal challenges for managing data regardless of your industry, and every company comes with different needs to the table. Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 provides a simple all-in-one solution to data management. The volume of data every business generates is insurmountable and yet too hard to overlook for avoiding future exposure. So, taking care of data management is almost like winning half the battle. Storing tons of data is also trivial for the company without having it analyzed for favorable insights or predictions.

The different set of applications for the Dynamics 365 is as follows:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance:

Dynamics 365 for Finance is a cloud-based application designed for organizations to manage their financials and accounts. It can monitor the performance of financial operations in real-time and predict future outcomes using data-driven decisions for enhancing business productivity. It is a suite of intelligent cloud applications that can easily integrate third-party extensions and programs into the platform for faster work completion. The application can automate your financial operations, mitigate financial complexity and risks, and reduce operational expenditure for the organization.

Dynamics 365 for Finance includes the following functionality:

  • Budgeting
  • Financials and Accounting
  • Project Management

Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management (SCM):

Dynamics 365 for SCM is also a cloud-based application that assists you in maximizing operational efficiency, profitability, and product quality within your supply chain operations. It is the other split version of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations that enable flexibility when it comes to adopting multiple capabilities. The integrated Microsoft Azure Solution has advanced features like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and in-built analytics. The planning, inventory, production, warehouse, and transportation management can be handled easily by this cloud-based application at anyplace.

Dynamics 365 for SCM includes the following functionality:

  • Manufacturing
  • Cost Accounting
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Quality Control
  • Sales Orders

These two applications are still part of the Dynamics 365 unified operations portfolio, even though it got split in licensing. The other applications in this portfolio are Commerce and Human Resources.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales:

Dynamics 365 for Sales is a cloud-based application that can provide insights into customer relationships for generating leads and future conversations. It is designed for the aim of getting higher sales and a proper management system for the organization. The AI-powered app can predict the real-time market conditions and offer the most excellent suggestions and prompts for enhancing business profits and efficiency. It can support the sales process right from the lead acquisition to the final close of the sale in a detailed manner. The other application is Dynamics 365 for professional (sales), which is similar to sales but with more straightforward sales force needs. The other version of this application is Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, which has the full capability than the professional one.

Dynamics 365 for Sales includes the following functionality:

  • Sales Goals
  • Territory Management
  • Forecasting
  • Sales Hub
  • Product Families and Relationships
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Sales Playbook
  • Configure and define teams
  • Embedded Intelligence
  • Knowledge Base

Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a whole package has lots to offer for every industry, but only now, the need for innovative applications is noticed. It has reduced the wasted working time in switching between applications by unifying the platform to support outsourced products. This brilliant thinking has increased productivity, improved efficiency, and created the ability to make better business decisions every day. The five qualifiers for Dynamics 365 to be a huge success are cloud-based applications, broad business tools, integrated Enterprise, and the power platform, growth predictions, and customer relationship management.

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