Skype for Business Online has ended! What’s Next?

Last year Microsoft declared July 31, 2021, the retirement of Skype for Business Online. After that time, the organizations will not have access to it. Skype for Business Online was formally resigned on July 31, 2021. However, a few organizations that haven’t migrated at this point still have access to it, accepting they’ve pursued Microsoft’s “assisted upgrades,” which started on August 1 and target last mile relocation steps. Assisted upgrades lessen the number of specialized undertakings administrators need to do and assist organizations with setting up the move and conveying Teams’ end-user preparation. 

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It hasn’t been simple, as Skype for Business Online acquired a loyal following across the world. Microsoft knew assisting organizations with accepting better approaches for speaking with partners and clients would require much preparation and exertion. In any case, hearing record after record of how Teams unites individuals to share, make and connect avows the worth of these efforts.  

Microsoft gained Skype in 2011 for $8.5 billion when it aspired for Windows Phone and saw freedoms to coordinate it with Lync VOIP stage, Outlook mail, Messenger texting, Hotmail Webmail, and Xbox Live gaming administration. 

Microsoft’s betting everything in Teams and some portion of that mission includes shedding an amount of its Skype-marked skin, strikingly as Skype for Business Online. The one class of users protected from the destruction of the services incorporates organizations that have planned Teams upgrades set for after July 31.  

The assisted upgrade experience should require around 24 hours for most clients. It will be distinctive for those on Skype for Business Online-just and Skype for Business Online with a hybrid environment:  

Skype for Business Online-Only: The assisted upgrade method will apply the Teams Upgrade Override Policy strategy to the occupant. All Skype for Business Online clients will be set in Teams Only mode when this approach is used.  

Skype for Business Online clients in the hybrid environment: The assisted upgrade will change Skype for Business Online clients to Teams Only mode if they’re not effective in that mode. Skype for Business Server clients will not be affected by the assisted upgrade measure and will stay on-premises. 

To empower customers to plan and carry out a fruitful update from Skype for Business Online to Teams or Skype for Business Server, Microsoft offers the accompanying assets:  

  • Microsoft Teams administrator documentation  
  • Microsoft Partners 
  • Online redesign direction  
  • Microsoft Chalk Talks studios  
  • Groups redesign arranging studios.  

The specific clouds, Skype for Business Server, and the Skype purchaser administration 

A few Clouds, including GCC-High and DoD, will finish their changes to Teams after the retirement of Skype for Business Online and get planning data directly, just as through their account teams.  

Migrating Skype for Business Online gatherings and contacts to Teams  

Whether an organization deals with all parts of the update or uses the helped cycle, our direction incorporates steps to guarantee gatherings and contacts are effectively moved from Skype for Business Online to Teams.  

Migrating meetings information to Teams: It’s significant for clients with Skype for Business Online-only deployments to utilize the Meeting Migration Service (MMS) to move existing Skype for Business Online meetings to Teams meetings before the assisted upgrade date to stay away from the potential for data loss. 

Migrating contacts to Teams: Existing contacts from Skype for Business Online, including combined references (yet no dispersion records), will be moved when clients sign into Teams interestingly. This will take 90 days for the completed upgrade. 

With all, Skype itself isn’t going anyplace (until further notice). Although the Business Online finish has stopped activities, the customer grade cycle of Skype and Skype for Business Servers endure. What’s more, in a fascinating note from Microsoft, “Skype for Business Online worked by 21Vianet (China Sovereign Clouds Instance)” stays dynamic. 

We at Computer Solutions East (CSE) are experts in Microsoft Teams and hold several technical certified competencies in the area. In addition, CSE holds both advanced specializations that are tied to Microsoft Teams migration & adoption services. Call us today to see how we can help! 

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