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An identity is the distinctive character of an individual that makes them different from others. It includes the qualities, beliefs, personalities, looks, or expressions made by the individual. Identity is usually a face-to-face verification done by the required authorities to provide you with the authentication needed to live unquestioned. It includes qualities, personalities, beliefs, looks, and expressions of the individual that links him to the person in the approved physical documents. Identity plays a crucial role in our lives, from going to an office to logging on to a website, without which we have no proof of existence.


With the digital transformation going at accelerating speed, everything is changing online, and technology has infiltrated into every business sector. The transition to a digital world requires different identity systems, and with increasing data theft, data breaches, and large-scale fraudulent activities, a digital identity is the need of the hour. The privacy and security for digital identity are the two frontiers that allow complete access to information and also deniability to unauthorized usage with proper authentication. Cybercrimes are on the spike since the dawn of the digital age, and protecting the identities of individuals and organizations has been a demanding task. So, protect your digital identity with the maximum protection available to avoid data loss or misuse.

The traditional usernames and passwords authentication is not enough to prevent unauthorized access in the modern era. Something more complex and challenging methods are needed to stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals. The primary methods include creating stronger and complex passwords, using multiple digital identities, using Antivirus software for all devices, watching out for phishing activities, and alert notifications for unauthorized usage. The latest complex method that is in use in significant organizations is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which is discussed below.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

Multi-Factor Authentication is a security mechanism that requires more than two credentials to verify the individual’s identity. The credentials may be in the form of passwords, PIN, biometrics, hardware tokens, location, and time. It uses any of the above combinations in pairs of two or more factors, giving the name multi-factor authentication. It is used for devices and applications which contain highly sensitive business data. The different processes of MFA are:

  • SMS token: A text message containing a PIN is delivered to the authorized device, which is used as an additional factor for logging in.
  • Email token: An email containing numeric codes or PIN is delivered to the registered Email ID, which is also used in addition to the username and password.
  • Hardware token: A separate hardware device is used to authenticate in addition to the username & password for accessing sensitive data or logging in.
  • Software token: A separate application or a device being the token is used to authenticate individuals before accessing data files.
  • Phone call: A phone call spelling out the one-time password is used to authenticate the user.
  • Biometric verification: The latest security feature is the biometric authentication (Fingerprint or Face recognition) used for confirming the individual for logging in.

The Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication uses the latest security feature for all its applications, making it robust security and effective management. Security questions and social login are the two new Microsoft security features that are also being used in major companies. Microsoft and CISCO have joined hands to give the world an impenetrable security system to protect their identities. They can even provide the best IT security solution for small business to survive in this highly competitive world. Cisco has introduced a significant intelligence into the security field known as the Internet of Things (IoT), which integrates every device that is connected to the internet for sharing resources and communications on shared platforms and applications. We can also control the device that is connected to the internet using advanced applications and software.

Cisco security products provide the best protection of your critical business data in any network. As it has options of wired, wireless, and unified wireless networks, every device can be identified and protected to the maximum level. The IoT network would provide the perfect Enterprise IT security solution with access to all the known and unknown devices in a centralized platform. Cisco has extended IoT networks to industries, manufacturing companies, transportation, retail, education, city, and community development for providing a robust security and improving productivity.

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The four significant advantages of IoT systems are:

  • Productivity improvement: It monitors all the processes of the company and provides optimized solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Predictive analysis: The massive data storage capability makes it possible to analyze and examine patterns whose results would contribute to improving the company’s products and services.
  • Rapid response: The monitoring of large amounts of data in real-time and remotely has provided a strategic advantage in the current market developments.
  • Reduction of human errors: The major problem in data theft or misuse was human error, which is solved by the innovative technology by doing most of the human’s fault making tasks.

If you want to protect your digital identity in the maximum possible way, Computer Solutions East is the perfect solution. They provide you with the latest edge-cutting technologies for all the networks used by the company. CSE can offer customized packages for small and medium-sized businesses meeting their business goals and demands. They can provide reliable services at reasonable rates for every IT security problem. CSE can alert your company with immediate notifications when unauthorized usage or access has happened. They provide customer support services available around the clock to solve customer’s problems.

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