The 21st-century company: Reimagining business amid COVID-19

COVID-19 was a silent but catastrophic wave that swept the world like a tsunami. No one could have predicted it would cause such an irreparable effect on our lives and livelihood. We are not even sure whether the world could go back to the good old days before COVID-19. It has shown no sympathy for any country or people, swept across every oceans and border. But it has exposed human selfishness on a large scale, which is not the attitude needed for mankind. Ignoring to stay at home, stocking piles more than necessary, and refusing to follow standard protocols were the shocking acts of humans at this bumpy ride.


The 21st Century Company must invent creative and innovative marketing strategies to stay in the competition. The new normal has transformed the working environment of every business. Reimagining business after coronavirus is not an event, but a process that must be dealt with all the uncertainties evolving in the flow. Organizations are taking faster solutions to avoid further deterioration of the business.

The remote working has been a privilege to all the organizations that could utilize it to the fullest. It has enabled face-to-face business meetings possible from anywhere in the world, without needing to come to the office. Employees can have remote access at their homes conveniently in their comfort zone and still work for the company. Many collaborative platforms are emerging in the market to encourage the booming remote working culture like Cisco’s WebEx, Microsoft’s Teams, Google’s Meet Video, etc. These are provided for free to the companies in a limited amount of time.

Microsoft and CISCO are leading the way in bringing remote access to every home effectively and most smoothly. They have collaborated to provide a robust platform that can help every business in their regular activities. They have combined ideas and brought two solutions for every company.

Microsoft Remote Desktop:

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a program that allows a user to connect to a different computer at another location, from their own devices. It gives users the full desktop experience with almost the same variety of applications to manage. With the cloud and internet, the remote computer can be anywhere on the planet, but it can still be connected to your device. Remote Desktop Services (RDS) comprises of two applications- Remote App and Remote Desktop.

The Remote App allows the user to deliver any application anywhere in the world. The main advantage of this App is that the applications in that device can be used in addition to applications in our own devices. This enhances the performance of the device, which in turn improves business productivity.

The benefits of the Remote Desktop Services delivery are:

  • It delivers solutions to the system or devices that may not have the capacity or powerful processors to run the application remotely.
  • It delivers Windows-based applications to all platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, and thin client devices.
  • It provides more compute resources to applications without upgrading one’s device and enables faster performance to the workload. Ultimately, it reduces the cost for the end-user who has less computing power on his device.
  • It stores data in the cloud, which keeps your data safe even if the end-user fail to save or loses the data.
  • The time for setting up the configuration for the software is significantly reduced, which enables new users to connect to the remote desktop services easily.

CISCO Remote Access:



Cisco Remote Access is a productive and collaborative application that allows users to require access to a company’s resources from anywhere and anytime. It will be accessible from a personal laptop, company laptop, mobile phones, desktops, Macs, and other devices. It provides the most comprehensive solution for remote access and supports the broadest range of connections.

Cisco has made remarkable improvements in the security, connectivity, and mobility of the application. The security has been flexible to the user’s location, workgroup, device, etc. It minimizes the risk of leaving sensitive corporate data behind, once the connection is cut off. The connectivity has widened its range of applicants to fit in all the mobile devices newly adapted to the remote environment. The Cisco Remote Access has compatibility with other operating systems such as Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. These have made the user slowly adjust to the new normal lifestyle.

CSE can offer customized policies for companies meeting their specific demands. They provide you with the latest technology and robust security to the network. CSE can offer reliable services at an affordable price suiting the customer. They can offer every service online, meeting the safety measures in the pandemic situation. If faced with technical difficulties, customer support services are available around the clock to satisfy the customer’s demands.


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