Latest Inclusions and Tie-up for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Enhance More Connections

According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, “It’s not about acquiring more business applications but connecting these business processes, and creating systems of action. Systems of intelligence {of Dynamics 365] are Sales Operations, People Operations (HR), Customer Support, and Field Operations.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365‘s upcoming updates are not only for improved viewing and user experiences but also created a breakthrough for sales, as well.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM continues to improve by addressing the needs of its customers. Additional features will be integrated into the Enterprise and Business editions of Dynamics 365. Theme and system customizations can now be applied with colors assigned to the objects in the form. Features are bound to be more user-friendly since the unified interface will enable the user to see as many sections as possible in a single glance. One page with one view can be accessed through the Advanced Settings page. Readability will be improved with the inclusion of text wraps that will allow the viewer to see the full data that has been filled in.  The activity feed will also be updated so that the service team will have the same view as the sales team.

Microsoft partnered with Dun & Bradstreet, a business data network company, to yield more leads through in-depth analyses and rich databases. This is destined to become a big step to gain and trace leads from D&B’s database of company information that includes over two hundred million businesses all over the world. This is highly beneficial for small to medium business users of Dynamics 365 because they are just starting to maximize their reach while exploring new possible clients.

Dynamics 365’s ability to synchronize and organize data while turning everything into multifunctional use, data building, and accessing the information on leads will be a game-changer for sales by speeding up the lead generation process.

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