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The overall success rate of the company is dependent on customer experience and customer engagement. The customer experience is all the interactions with the company. It is a critical element of the particular. There are specific ways by which Microsoft measures the customer experience. It helps to identify the gaps. The areas of improvement can also be assessed.

  • Getting customer feedback: Customers are not reluctant enough to share reviews on products by themselves. But an automated email survey can significantly tackle this thing. The accumulated response of the emails can help in doing the surveys. The feedback is now generated through email marketing. It is essential to perform such an analysis.
  • Understanding the churn: It is essential to analyze the increasing or decreasing rate of churn. It is possible by identifying churned customers regularly. It is a very natural phenomenon in business. But its analysis is essential. It will help to prevent potential customers from moving on. Its prediction can be made for the future.
  • Solicit ideas from comments of customers: It is the customer feedback but on a broader scale. Here the customer can suggest new features for the company. New ideas and points can be brainstormed and posted by the customers. This open platform will help the company to keep an edge over others. The other competitors are favoring only the profit. But here, customer importance is also earned.
  • Analysis of the support ticket trends: This is very helpful when the customer’s problem takes more time to resolve. An online FAQ or any system update is one of the examples of raising tickets. It will help the company to act fast and solve the issue as soon as possible.
  • Getting the right tools: It is essential to analyze the performance of the business. There is no particular scale within the organization that can make things happen. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 has developed some valuable tools that will help the organization meet its goals.

Products offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for increased customer satisfaction and sales:-

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales:-It will help identify potential customers and convert them into potential clients for the business. The response rates from the customer are increased. The customers can determine the nature of the interaction. Dynamics can help the effective management of data and processes. The sales documents can be personalized. The customer’s voice is also included in Dynamics 365 for Sales. It will helpfully increase sales engagement. The sales playbooks will help the business focus more on the sales volume. Cross-team visibility can be done. The sales and marketing team can build a better relationship due to this feature.
  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing:-The marketing-automation application of Microsoft is mighty. The marketing initiatives can be supported by producing graphical email messages and online content. The digital voice will get a structured look. Personalized email messages can be sent to the customer. Confidential information can be shared among leads. It will help to get the tips and taking follow-up actions. Individual customer needs and expectations can be understood with the help of extensive surveys. This business tool can be customized according to the requirements of the business. Hence Dynamics 365 is the only tool that can be referred for doing successful marketing campaigns.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance:-The financial visibility and profitability can be maximized with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance. The financial decisions can be taken strategically with the help of AI. The economic process can be unified and automated. It will help to reduce operational expenses. The global financial complexity can be simplified. Potential areas of risk can be identified. The future outcomes can be predicted. Real-time performance can be obtained. The decisions for further business growth can be taken based on a data-driven approach. Hence Finance tool will take the commercial outcomes of the business.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service:-Personalized customer interaction is possible with this application of Microsoft. The business can be done according to the preferred channel of the customer. A threaded view of customer experience can be done. It will help in creating a consistent service experience. Customer service is the only way the company can get insights into the customer’s problems. Microsoft is a leading agency that has given a high customer satisfaction rate, just like Google and Oracle. Customer interaction is the key to successful business models. This is the only area where direct reviews can be collected.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service:-Microsoft has designed this tool for the business organizations that provide on-site services. The scheduling process can be improved. The right technician can be dispatched through it. Real-time guidance can be provided to the customers. The relationship with the customers can be improved in every dimension. It will help the business to increase productivity and arrange for a better solution. The management of service agreements can be done effectively. Doing recurring visits and keeping updates about the contracts are very easy. Without coding knowledge, mobile and web applications can be developed.

The Take-Away:-

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has some of the powerful tools that can track the performance of the business. It will gradually lead to customer satisfaction. You will get a scaling parameter for analyzing the performance of the company. In most cases, the tools are easy to use and come up with the most productive outputs.


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