Mitigating Insider Risk with an Efficient Hybrid Work Culture

According to the most recent Work Trend Index, individuals collaborate, talk, email, and share in innovative ways and at a higher volume than ever recorded previously. The time spent in Microsoft Teams meetings more than quadrupled between February 2020 and February 2021. The typical Teams user is now sending 45% more conversations per week thanks to secured remote infrastructure enabled by managed digital transformation services.  

The number of emails provided to business and education clients has increased by 40.6 billion, and the number of individuals working on documents has risen by 66%. 

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Additionally, that same survey discovered that individuals are burnt out. One in five worldwide poll respondents believes their company is unconcerned about their full resolution, while 54% say they are overworked and 39% say they are weary. Additionally, Microsoft 365’s array of productivity signals measure the precise level of digital tiredness experienced by workers. 

Not only does this impair engagement and productivity, but it also exposes the firm to danger. For example, a recent study conducted by Club, Carnegie Mellon University’s Security and Privacy Institute, with support from Microsoft, discovered that 69% of organizations surveyed had more than five malicious, high-risk insider incidents in 2020, 44% had more than ten incidents, and 11% had more than 100 incidents, including financial fraud, sabotage, and data loss.  

This indicates the need for managed digital transformation services as the analysis established a direct link between employee stresses and a rise in insider risk incidences. A healthy organizational culture in which workers are engaged, appreciated, and supported can help mitigate both purposeful and accidental insider risks, including data loss, data theft, and insider trading. 

What steps can you take to reduce risk in your organization?

#1. Listen to and empower your employees

As the Work Trend Index data demonstrates, the pandemic has had a remarkable effect on the workforce. As a result, individuals may feel overwhelmed or burned out due to stressful events, resulting in increased risk for the company. To mitigate this danger and promote your employees’ well-being, you must hire managed digital transformation services that help establish channels and processes for listening to their concerns, allowing you to solicit input and assist them in prioritizing. Most essential, communicate to your workers that the organization appreciates them and that they play a crucial part in ensuring the safety and security of you and your vital data. 

#2. Embrace collaboration

Insider risk management initiatives sometimes neglect organizational, risk management, and cultural issues in integrating tools and technologies. Technology is a key component, but it is only one of the program’s many components. To properly handle insider risk, corporate leaders, HR, legal, and security must work together as a collaborative group facilitated by digital transformation service providers. It also demands managed digital transformation services firms devote resources to educating and engaging all their employees. 

#3. Take a holistic approach

 Identifying insider threats can be challenging, and it frequently feels like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. In our experience with customers, we’ve seen that adopting a comprehensive, purpose-built approach capable of aggregating signals into a unified picture throughout your business enables a better understanding of relevant trends and risk reduction. Indeed, managed digital transformation services can take this approach to ensure that it is simple to use yet flexible to satisfy various purposes. Along with the robust set of capabilities announcement was made at Ignite, we recently added new capabilities to our insider risk management solution, including the user’s online report and activity explorer, to enhance analytics and reporting and ensure you have the most comprehensive view of insider risks in your organization. 

Businesses need to accept this new hybrid work environment enabled by managed digital transformation services providers as it is more vital than ever to mitigate insider risk. And this is where our experts at CSE come into the picture. 

CSE is working in the most advanced threat landscape as a digital transformation managed service provider. When combined with the following significant disruption—hybrid work—security is more complicated than ever. However, defending against external threats is only one aspect of the difficulty. Additionally, you must safeguard from the inside out—another part of the Zero Trust approach’s “assume breach” strategy. Insider hazards might be deliberate or accidental, but they all impact your most asset: your data. 

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