Best Way to Check Your Software License Status

Have you ever imagined paying as much as $150,000 worth of fines as a penalty for not securing your software licenses?

Just like any integral product or invention, the software is protected by copyright law.

Software is part of our everyday office toolkit. We install software because of its capabilities to make our business processes easier and to make our employees more efficient.

As a company, you may have invested in software licenses to operate your business.

This investment is continuous. Purchasing an on-premise software is not a one-time purchase since its license expires.  It should be renewed and updated from time to time; not just to get the newest features but to pay for the service that the product provides. Because your workforce increases every now and then, you should increase your purchased software licenses.

Microsoft defines Software Asset Management as “a reliable industry method that employs a set of secured procedures for handling and enhancing the company’s IT assets”.

Microsoft does software license auditing and once it catches your company, you can be sued.  Getting caught red-handed for under-licensed software could result in not only negative implications for your company but could hurt your pocket as well. Protect your assets while protecting your reputation.

Software Asset Management Pre-audit by Computer Solutions East, Inc. is a damage control service that reduces the risk of fines and penalties and should be something that you seriously consider investing in. It serves as the first line of defense from a future unexpected audit. Minimize any possible damage by protecting your assets just as you would protect your reputation, and we all know your reputation is priceless.

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