Monitor and Manage Your Cloud-based Subscriptions with CSE Marketplace

CSE Marketplace was envisioned to become a bridge for the customer so that they would be able to have a hands-on experience while exploring the CSE products. The user interface of CSE Marketplace enables the account used to manage his/her subscriptions, like adding a new subscription and canceling an ongoing subscription to any of the options available.

The Marketplace contains extensive descriptions about the cloud-based products and services that allow the customer to understand the product’s coverage that they will be purchasing. Cloud-based subscriptions are applicable for products that can only be accessed online.

Through the flexible “pay as you use” option, you can efficiently spend your money by selecting the cloud-based subscriptions that depend on the number of employees or users you have in your company. Also, customers have the option to pay in advance.

The user can monitor the number of active users and the amount being spent on the current subscription. The length of the subscription may vary from monthly to yearly.

CSE Marketplace is a customer-centered website that sets itself apart from the usual online shop set-up by maximizing the user’s account. You can use it on your own time and at your own pace without the hassle of contacting a third party to keep track of your subscriptions.

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